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asked Nov 5, 2019 in Other by Jabber (16,270 points)
HI I am new on KT!!!!

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answered Nov 5, 2019 by arkzo (402,220 points)
Hello Jabber! Welcome to KidzTalk
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answered Nov 5, 2019 by LunaLight (83,550 points)
Welcome to KT Jabber! Glad to have ya. I saw you posted in the LGBTQIA Club, cool. And I am lesbian too, so hi. I am Luna (also, my alternate account here is Overcomer). I am also on KN as lunamoonlight if you want to join there too.
commented Nov 6, 2019 by Jabber (16,270 points)

I will thumbs_up

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Hi! I am ILoveCoffeeMate!

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So far, it has been great!

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"Official" 2020 Hero Of The Year Contest It's that time of year again. The second annual hero of the year contest! Over the following weeks, please ... outgoing Ammy K- Friendy OpalGemStar - Less active recently, but still a strong candidate

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Lunalovegoodmolly by popular vote! Runners up: Lunamoonlight and GemHeart!

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KIDZSEARCH!!!! YOU HAVE OVER 8,200 USERS ON KIDZTALK!!!! Though a lot are inactive/spam I'm sure but still!

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Global warming is a problem How can I help? You can help by Walking to school Not using the heater Not using air conditioning Using responsible energy Driving less Planting ... people as you can. This can only be helped if everyone does their bit!!

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Welcome, new users! I hope you enjoy your time here. This is my artists' club, where you ask me questions regarding how to draw and stuff about art. Please ask ... BUILDING) or WHAT IS YOUR FAVE ARTIST? Have fun! Looking forward to your questions!

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Hi everyone! I discovered this site a few days ago and I decided I would join the forums (or just Kidztalk. Whatever you guys call it). I wanted to introduce myself a bit. ... me. I'm not the most interesting person. I hope I get to meet you all!

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i dont no! doo u no if hee rigd this

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I'm vivi's sis.Little sis to be exact.Call me coco.So,I like to dance and write blogs.And I go on kidzsearch ALL the time! Nice typing to you

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I plan to get an account soon. (my mom has to activate it) until then you can call me Bigskygirl or "The Queen of Awesomeness (Or just Sky is fine too) What ... think I have the idea, but could ya'll give me some tips and suggestions? Thanks again.

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I'm new here, and I've recently joined KidzTalk (not as a member tho ). I will go by the code name ⚡Dino Dude⚡and I will answer questions and stuff. Some of you might think ... you! Thank you. (P.S. just in case you don't know, GemHeart is my sister)

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I like it cause it is the only socal site my mom allows me on. Why do you like it?

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You know, internet slang like BTW.

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How do you upload a photo? Plz help!!

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My username is Ammy K I love to write, read, and do a lot of other activities. My favorite authors are: Kelley Barnhill, S.D. Smith, and Tui T. Sutherland. Happy Pi day! π

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Hi! I'm new! Wondering what KidzTalk is like...so, yah! Please tell me what it's like. I like piano, singing, and dancing. P.S. My real name is not Winter, do not worry.

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Hi I'm new and my name will be PINK

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Hello I'm new and I don't know how things work around here so any information that you could give would make my world thank you! '_')/

asked Sep 21, 2016 in Ask KidzSearch by noircat (1,210 points)

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