Big thing.

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Big thing.
Today on the bus home, there was a kid, a guy, who moved my bag and computer to the seat next to me and sat down next to me in the seat. He was really close. He started asking questions first about the fight I got in yesterday, which is normal, a lot of people were asking today. Then he started asking stuff like if I was dating, or if I had ever kissed someone before. I said no to both. He kept trying to hold my hand and was touching my thigh. He asked if I would be his first kiss (knowing I am lesbian) and I told him no and to *beep* off. He kept pushing for a couple minutes before he started cussing at me and left calling me a dyke (an offensive word for lesbian). I cussed him out and told the bus driver to make him sit away from me. I ended up intending to punch him but he kept dodging. I will be reporting this kid to my school first thing tomorrow. I should have punched him when I had the chance when he was next to me. I have not told my best friend yet, but plan to soon.

asked Nov 7 in Personal by LunaLight (61,980 points)

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Just ignore him, I know how it feels to have that happen to you... Trust me, you are not alone.
answered Nov 8 by Jabber (8,720 points)
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It's okay Luna, I've been through this before and it's not your fault. That guy is weird. I would do the same thing, but at the same time, I'm a really sweet person and my answer is always sure so I applaud you. Anyways, just be safe out there kids!
answered Nov 8 by knightstar✧ (286,980 points)
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Good choice. Whatever your sexuality is never let anyone try and make you do something you're not comfortable with!
answered Nov 8 by -GEMHeart- (238,030 points)

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