I got the Harry Potter Castle for Christmas and when I'm done Building it, it will be about one Yard long!!!!!!!!!!

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I got the Harry Potter Castle for Christmas and it was huge!!!!! The Harry Potter Castle is also super hard to build!!!!!!! Once when I was building the bottom of the Castle where like all of the Rocks and stuff are I had to re-modle it because it wouldn't fit! Thanks to my Dad I was able to get it to fit. ( No Wonder It was for 16 years old and up). I'm 12 not 16 so I guess it isn't really ment for 16'ners. 

When I finally unwrapped it Christmas morning I thought it was a really big and wide stuffed animal or something, but it was the Harry Potter Castle ( which took forever to get up the stairs). The box itself was almost / just missing by a few inches 2 feet tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jawdrop

I haven't had much time to build on it lately because school is so much busier than normal so it's waiting to get all of the pieces done.

I already have the chamber of secrets done and it looks really cool! I have some of the "Great Hall" but it is pretty hard to put together and this is a picture of the front cover.      

The stickers are one of the hardest parts of the Lego pieces because you try to stick them on correctly and then you put it on wrong then you take it off and it is bent but then it will be hard to put back on the Lego.

Here is a picture of the front pack of my Lego pack!!!!!!!finger-down


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omg are you seriousomgomg!?!?? do you have any idea if they still have it in the stores cuz i so want one!!!!


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I actually have no idea where my parents got them but I think they might have got it from Amazon or the Lego company, in general.


I know that stores like Target and Walmart (not that likely) have little Harry Potter sets like the 3 story high um riding Knight or something (I kind of forgot the name of the magical bus thing in the 3rd movie, because that one is my least favorite movie), but I have seen that one before and I have also seen the set with Hagrids Hut and it comes with buckbeak the hippogreif.


Have you ever been to Lego land?? Because there my Dad has seen the Lego Harry Potter Castle (not the one in Universal studios). I actually asked him about it once and he said that he had seen a few on display, I don't really know if they still are on display but they were when he was there.

 ( If you get it from Lego Land than your gonna have a hard time gettin' it in and out of the car).


So that's all my advice!!



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Not to be rude but chrismas ended 3 months ago

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