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GH Art Contest September 2019: Results

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asked Sep 5, 2019 in Drafts by -GEMHeart- (278,190 points)
edited Sep 5, 2019 by -GEMHeart-

Thank you to everyone who entered for this monthly art contest! I appreciate everyone who entered, including: Lunamidnight, Lunalovegoodmolly, KnightStar, MoonPeach, FunHeart1010/Midnight, JD2005, Scruffypenny, Lavendershrews, Cseriestechhero, and everyone else. 

I have organized all of the entries with their score in each category and their score in all. Those with the highest scores are listed at the end in the "Winners" section. I have judged all of them by five elements. Everyone's artwork was awesome, so don't feel bad if you did not win. Artwork is listed by artist (starting with the first artist who entered, and then the last artist who entered) and has a little description on why I gave certain scores. See the "Winners" section at the end for a quick look-over at the winners! 

Enjoy, and have fun.


The Entries and Scores

Scores: (0/50). Each category (5) has 10 total points.


  • Creativity: 7. By nature, Luna Lovegood is a very fun character to draw because of her quirkiness. The outfit is very creative in terms of color and uniqueness. 
  • Talent: 7I am very surprised how quickly LLM is improving as an artist. I gave her a 5 due to the fact that she is a beginner, but I am very pleased to know she is learning! 
  • Color/ style: 9. I love all the color! 
  • Mood/theme: 8. The mood is very quirky and happy to me, and the colors and personality of the character matches quite well. 
  • Personality: 10. I think LLM's personality shines through in this!


  • Creativity: 6. This is a very cute rendition of Harry Potter, which I love.
  • Talent: 5. Use of perspective is good. I like the overall drawing, but figures are a little stiff. I do appreciate your entry, Scruffy.
  • Color/ style: 7. The color is great, and I love the chibi eyes and proportions.
  • Mood/theme: 6. The drawing could be more varied, such as different angles. But the overall mood is well portrayed. 
  • Personality: 8. Scruffy's artwork is very cute and kawaii by my opinion, and this drawing holds true to her style's personality!


  • Creativity: 6. I like the use of "line of action" here: the line (usually measured by a character's spine) that gives a character flexibility. I usually don't see that as often, so it makes it more unique.  
  • Talent: 5. I can tell Cseries didn't take as much time on this, I do appreciate him entering. The sketchy lines do add to "style", below. 
  • Color/ style: 9. The sketchy lines are a nice look, especially with the flat, bright colors. It almost makes me think of a cartoon. 
  • Mood/theme: 8. The brightness adds to the colorful theme. 
  • Personality: 5. I haven't seen a lot of Cseries's work, which makes it hard to pick out personality shared by them.


  • Creativity: 10. I love the creativity in Emely's drawings. They're all thought out and they all portray a unique or odd idea. 
  • Talent: 8. Emely is talented in her chosen style, which is one reason I enjoy her art. 
  • Color/ style: 8.  Color is usually sparse in Emely's art, but used effectively. And her style, thick lines with implied or simplified facial features, is a mix between creepy and kawaii.   
  • Mood/theme: 7. The theme here fits in well with the color and expression.
  • Personality: 10. I see the reoccurring themes of cute creepiness through Emely's posts and work,



  • Creativity: 7. Another Harry Potter fan-art, but welcomed!  
  • Talent: 8. FH is very talented and it has been a pleasure watching her improve over the years! 
  • Color/ style: 7. Lots of colors, which is good. The semi-realistic style is also very pretty and fitting for Granger. 
  • Mood/theme: 10. I like the cheerful flow and look. 
  • Personality: 9. FH's artwork tends to be very creative and she has several OCs. I like the carrying of style over to this piece! 


  • Creativity: 6. I like the cat-girl and her design, but it's a bit hard to see.
  • Talent: 7. Moon did a good job!
  • Color/ style: 7. I like the color and how it's colored softly.
  • Mood/theme: 7. I like the fantastical touches.
  • Personality: 8. Moon's artwork tends to focus on girls and the airy and fantasy-like aspects of other worlds. 


  • Creativity: 10. It's unique, it's odd- it's really weird but fun! 
  • Talent: 9. KnightStar has improved a lot, and I love her redraws.
  • Color/ style: 10. Very, very colorful. The style is very cute as well.
  • Mood/theme: 7. I get a somewhat creepy but also an odd kawaiiness to this piece.
  • Personality: 6. Most of Knight's work is different from this, but I believe it does show some of her personality in it. 


  • Creativity: 7. I like the fantasy feel.
  • Talent: 6. I also enjoy watching Luna progress as an artist. I love the fact that lots of artists included in this contest were inspired by my artistic endeavors. Draw on! 
  • Color/ style: 8. I love the red cape and the simplistic background.
  • Mood/theme: 7. Very mysterious! 
  • Personality: 8. Follows by Luna's usual style very well. 



  • Creativity: 7. Very cool and realistic.
  • Talent: 9. Jay did an awesome job with making this look almost real. 
  • Color/ style: 6. Monotone, natural colors are a good fit, and the way it's drawn is also good and completes that.
  • Mood/theme: 8. I feel peaceful. 
  • Personality: 7. Most of Jay's art has to do with nature, so this is a good fit.


  • Creativity: 10. Very creative! 
  • Talent: 9. I like the way Lav uses paint, gradations, and other tools. 
  • Color/ style: 8. Very colorful.
  • Mood/theme: 10. I really like the colorful, positive message.
  • Personality: 8. Lav's abstract, colorful artwork is always welcome!
TOTAL SCORE: 44/50. 


First Place:
Second Place: 
Third Place: 
Your prizes are:
First place receives a KS article about their work by me. I will contact you via KN messages for more information. You also get to be eternally featured on my bio as Artist of the Month! 
Second place receives an article also, as a part of the main winner's. I will also contact you via messages to set up yours, and you will also be featured as "Artist of The Month Runner Up".
Third place receives the same prize as Second place! I will message you about your article very soon. Thank you all for entering, and I hope you all had a lot of fun and learned some stuff!
To the runners' up: CONGRATS! It takes a lot of courage to enter a contest. You all did great! 
Had to edit!

4 Answers

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answered Sep 5, 2019 by JD2005
Congratulations to those who won! And thanks for giving me good scores, Gemmy! :D
commented Sep 6, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (278,190 points)
No problem! Yall are all talented
commented Sep 7, 2019 by JD2005


+1 vote
answered Sep 5, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (229,060 points)
Congrats to everyone! Thanks fr the good scores and compliments Gemmy!
commented Sep 6, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (278,190 points)
+1 vote
answered Sep 5, 2019 by toad aka star (327,800 points)
hehe yes my personality
+1 vote
answered Sep 6, 2019 by LunaLight (88,510 points)
In front of people - Welp, didn't get in the top three but oh well. The top three were still very good artists and I congratulate them.


By myself - GOSH DARN IT *random gibberish for 20 minutes*


commented Sep 7, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (278,190 points)
I know, that’s how I feel whenever I lose XD

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