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Knight's Fantasy Contest

Hey everyone! We only have two people that entered so far, so here are there amazing entries! I will edit this once there are more entries. You can post on KN or KT. By the way, it can be fantasy/reality, fantasy/sci-fi, fanfiction of fantasy, etc. Have fun! 

Orginal rules here: (please view if you want to enter)


^Here is the first entry by ArtistGirl on Kidznet, isn't it great?^

'KnightStar’s Writing Contest- Harry Potter FanFic

Thump. Thump. Thump. I woke to the sound of knocking on the door. I quietly tiptoed out of my room. I looked around to make sure no one else was awake. Like a cat, I stealthily made my way to the door. Thump. Thump. Thump. The noise came again. I opened the door slowly, so it wouldn’t creak.

Outside, standing there was a huge man. He was twelve feet tall with a big bushy beard. Of course, I’d heard all about him from my grandmother. His name was Hagrid. He was carrying a letter, written in green ink. I had gotten thousands of these letters, but when my parents saw them, they turned pale and snatched them away.

Of course, I knew what they were. Hogwarts letters. I was to go to Hogwarts, but my parents never let me. My Grandmother told me why not before she died. “Grace, your parents were never fond of whiches and wizards like us. They think we’re evil. All because of one wizard that disappeared ten years ago. He tried to kill us all. But we’re not all like that. We, most of us, are good, kind people. And that’s what I want you to be when you grow up: Grace Abbott, a good witch.”

I looked up at the man. “Hello, Mr. Hagrid.” He looked at me confusedly. “Mr.? I ain’t no Mister. Just call me Hagrid. And I supposes you know why I’m here.” “yes, I do.” I responded. “Although I haven’t had an opportunity to actually read my letter yet, but my grandmother told me, a few years ago, before she…” my voice trailed off.

“Ah, yeah.”the giant said. “Killed by You- know- who. Very sad. Anyway, here’s your letter.” He handed me the letter. It had my name, address, and a strange seal on it, with a letter H, and a lion, a serpent, a badger, and an eagle. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

Excitedly, I ripped the letter open and pulled out a sheet of parchment and read:

“Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock,,Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards)
Dear Ms. Grace Abbott,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.Term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than July 31. The Hogwarts Express leaves at eleven o’clock from platform nine and three- quarters at King’s Cross station. Your ticket is enclosed.
Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress”

“Yes!” I was so excited I forgot to whisper. I heard footsteps on the stairs. I realized, too late, that I was supposed to be asleep. I turned around and saw my father. He saw Hagrid and the letter in my hand, and knew immediately what was going on. He raced down the stairs, and stood in front of Hagrid, looking up. “My daughter will NOT be going to that- to that- that Voodoo school. I will not have it in my house. Now GET OUT, or I’ll call the POLICE!”

I walked over to my dad, and calmly said, “Dad, if Hagrid’s leaving, I am too. Goodbye.” I walked out the door. My dad yelled and followed me. My mum came down the stairs, carrying- a wand? I looked at her in surprise, and she said, “I never thought I would use this thing again. And definitely not on my own daughter. But I have no choice.” She lifted her wand and pointed it at me. She opened her mouth, her mouth forming into the words, and I ran off, following Hagrid onto a huge, black motorcycle.
The engine revved, and soon, we were up in the air.

We landed in a field somewhere in the country. All I knew was, it definitely wasn’t London anymore. We walked over to a cottage. It was somewhat small, and the bricks were uneven. A wooden sign next to the door said ‘The Burrow’. Hagrid knocked on the door, which was opened by a stout, red haired woman. “Is this…” she asked of Hagrid after studying me for a little bit. “Yeh” was the response. “I’ll leave her here with ye.” He walked off, back towards the motorcycle. I watched him take off, leaving me with a strange family.

“Come on in, deary” said the woman with a warm smile. “I’m Molly Weasley, nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Weasley.” I said. I followed her inside, and saw four older boys and a girl about my age, all red haired, drinking tea around a table. “Hello.” they all said in unison. “Boys, Ginny, this is Grace. She’ll be staying with us until it’s time to go to school.” The girl, Ginny, smiled at me. “Nice to meet you, Grace.” she said shyly. “Nice to meet you too.” I said, returning the greeting. I knew I had made a new friend.

I stayed with them all summer, sleeping on a cot in Ginny’s room Mr. Weasley conjured up. Another boy named Harry, came to stay during the last few weeks. I could tell Ginny had a crush on him.

We got all our supplies in a place called Diagon Alley, traveling by Floo powder. When it was time to go, we all packed into a surprisingly spacious car. “Widened by magic.” Mr Weasley whispered to me.

At the train station, we got out of the car. We pushed our carts to platform nine, and went to a barrier in between nine and ten. There were a lot of sad goodbyes, and then Ginny pushed her cart, running through the barrier. I went next. We both got on a scarlet train and sat down in a compartment.
Soon after, two girls walked in, giggling with each other. “Hello!” Said one of them enthusiastically. “I’m Lyla, and this is Stella. Can we sit here?” “Yeah, of course.” I responded. “Are you first years too?” They both nodded. All throughout the train ride, we talked, giggling and smiling. By the end of the train ride, we were all fast friends.

We got off the train, and Hagrid was there. He led us down a path, taking all the first years to a dock. “Four to a boat!” The giant yelled. I got in a boat with Stella, Lyla, and Ginny. When our boat came in sight of the Hogwarts towers, everyone ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’. It was truly amazing. Hagrid dropped the first years with a strict- looking woman he called Professor McGonagall. She led us to a big hall and walked out.

But before she walked out, she came up to me and said, “I’m glad you could come. You’ll be safe here.” Now, writing this in my Gryffindor dorm, (that was where the sorting hat put me), I’m wondering at what she said. And I’m wondering at the strange shadows I see, laughing at me in the darkness.

Thanks for reading! -ArtistGirl'

^This is GemHeart'sfirst entries^


'HP AU Fanfiction
This stars another HP OC I have. HP is owned by JK Rowling and Warner Bros.

"Hey! Mark!"

Mark? But my name's Grey.

The young boy turned around. He blinked as the older girl ran towards him, her red hair whipping in the wind. She grasped his shoulders and shook him rather roughly. He didn't move, but hold onto her wrists. "Mark!"

That's me, right? I'm Mark? No. I'm watching them.

The boy blinked again, and she sighed. She led him across the castle grounds, making sure he didn't stumble or fall. He had been near the forest, with their whipping gnarly branches, and his sister had noticed.

And this is Annie. She's my sister.

But something tore through the air, and Grey was suffocated. Something was encasing him, and his hearing was fading... he couldn't breath, he couldn't walk. He couldn't even see the boy, the boy as he reached for his sister, a sadistic grin on his face and dark green mist extending from his fingertips--


His father yanked him out of the memory. Grey gasped for breath, his pale hair wet and his face dripping water. He looked around, and noticed that he was back in his father's office, where Grey had decided to try his Pensieve.

"You're 16 now," said his father angrily. "Quit looking at my memories."

"Whose Annie?" asked Grey, still gasping for breath. He was a very attractive young man, with longish hair and glowing blue eyes. He stared at his father steadily.

His father growled. "Your aunt," he said. "Go away."

Grey stood, steadfast. "You said my aunt died."

"She did," said Mark, his face contorted. "Don't bring it up." He turned around, slipping his wand into his pocket. "Come on," he said. "Potter needs to see me, something about an Auror job. Want to come?"

"First you demand I come, then you ask." Grey said, shifting some books on his father's desk and looking at their titles.

"Stay here if you want," said Mark. "But don't you dare use the Pensieve again!" He slammed the door, and Grey was left in the dark. The Pensieve glowed light blue, and he was drawn to it.

He was going to find out how his aunt died, even if it revealed secrets of his father's Death Eater past.

A/N: Grey was a boy I made a little before I made Asia. Actually, he was originally gonna be her brother but I changed that. He's actually another version of the boy Asia was friends with in the orphanage. Yes, it was very short, but this was actually a excerpt from an old story that I rewrote. '



I remember it like it was yesterday… 

I had sat bolt upright. My head had been resting on my desk in my bedroom. What was that noise? I bet it was just my neighbor's cat, I thought. But, I got up to check anyway. I looked out my window and was surprised to see the sun. Had I really been asleep all night? It seemed like just minutes ago that I sat down to write my paper. 

    I’d been told that I had to do a paper over the summer on a subject of choice. I had just been procrastinating. It was August 18, and I was to start school on September 1st. I had chosen to do mine on the Royal Family. 

    I didn’t see anything out my window out of the ordinary. So, I decided to get dressed and get some breakfast and then, get back to work. 

    Yes. I can remember everything. How could I forget? At the start of the day, I didn’t know how important this day would be. Looking back, it is hard to remember just one thing. The feeling and thoughts of myself, when I was clueless. It is like trying to remember your thoughts of a book before you read a twist. 

    Little did I know that that day was going to be one of the best of my whole life. And, I have had a lot happen in my life. 

When I got to the kitchen, I got myself an apple. I intended to just bring t back to my room, but something made me want to go to the door. I opened the door and saw something on the door mat. It was a letter. It was addressed to me. 

Little did I know as I opened it that it would change my life forever. 


I opened the letter and read it. It said,


Dear Miss T. Dartwood,

    We are proud to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a first year student. As you may have guessed you are a witch. You will learn everything you need to know at Hogwarts. You can go to Diagon Alley in London to get all of your school materials. 

    Your school list is enclosed along with instructions to Diagon Alley and Platform Nine and Three Quarters where you will be expected on September 1 at 11 o-clock to board the Hogwarts Express. Also, enclosed is your train ticket. 

    Please send us your word by owl that you will be attending and if you have any questions. 


Yours Sincerely,

Professor Minerva McGongall

Deputy Headmistress 


    When I first read the letter, I had thought it was a prank. Eventually, I came to believe it. 

    Over the next weeks, I went to Diagon Alley and got my school things. I followed all the instructions. I learned more and more about this world, I didn't know I was part of. In Diagon Alley, people explained to me that I was Muggleborn and hadn’t known. I still couldn't believe this was really happening, but I knew it was. 


My homosapian's entry!


At Kings Cross Station  an odd pair hurried along platform nine. At the lead was a short, middle-aged woman with an irregularly-tall, pointed, purple hat pressed down on her wild birds-nest of wispy white hair. She had crinkles at the corners of her bright, silver eyes and a round face that was twisted into an expression of worry and stress. Her dress was a deep shade of purple and had frilly violet ruffs at her cuffs and collar. She had pointy black shoes that clacked loudly with each quick step and lavender coloured leggings. She abruptly halted to bow up and down five times and quickly ask, 

‘How-do-you-do? How-do-you-do? How-do-you-do? How-do-you-do? How-do-you-do?’ Tipping her hat off five times to five people that strolled pass before rushing off again. ‘Come along Elijah! You’ll miss the train!’ She called over her shoulder. 


A small, skinny boy appeared from around a brick column, pushing a heavily burdened trolley that wheels squeaked in protest at every slight turn. He had curly blackish-brown hair cut close at the sides and light, creamy, coppery-bronze coloured skin. His freckled face wasn’t the best to look at, with sticky-out ears and a hooked nose,  but he had wonderful deep golden eyes, the rich colour of dark honey. He was thirteen years old but looked about ten. He wore tattered grey sneakers that may have once been white, navy blue sweatpants and a grey long-sleeved GAP shirt. The heavy trolley he pushed was piled high with strange curiosities: a black iron cauldron the size of large pumpkin, a stack of tatty-old leather-bound books, a large birdcage with an old ragged-looking grey owl and many other bits and bobs. 

An important looking man holding a briefcase briskly walked past and the strange woman in purple gave out an exasperated sigh, turned around, rushed towards the man and stopped right in front of him to bow, take off her tall hat and ask, ‘How-do-you-do?’

‘Aurora? What are you doing?’ Asked they trolley-pushing-boy, Elijah. The woman in purple, Aurora was her name, whispered urgently: ‘I’m trying to ‘blend in’, y’know- muggle customs, now hurry up!’ Elijah tried to stress the fact that the muggle society wasn’t actually that different to the wizarding world but Aurora was not in the mood to listen. People turned to look, whether it was how strange they acted, the middle-aged-woman stopping to bow to every single person and saying ‘how do you do’ and taking off her tall pointed hat, or the fact that the boy’s trolley was piled high with strange objects including an old owl that was half asleep but still tried to bite a small girl who tried to pet it through the cage. 


‘There it is!’ Aurora told Elijah. She pointed at a brick column. The short woman brushed a tear from the corner of her eye. She swept Elijah up into a tight hug. ‘Have a wonderful time at Hogwarts, darling, I know you’ll enjoy it.’ Elijah smiled nervously and nodded. She released him before planting a wet kiss on his cheek. 


‘Just run through!’ She urged him. Elijah looked around to make sure that no one was looking, then  took a quick breath before pushing the heavy trolley through. He ran through and disappeared. It was a curious feeling, like falling horizontally, but holding your breath as if you were underwater. He reappeared onto another platform just before he felt like his air would run out. 

His heart leaped out of his chest as a white elephant stampeded towards him.

Back on platform nine, the same girl who had tried to pat the owl tugged at her mother's hand and said that she saw a boy disappear! Her mother told her to stop being ridiculous.

Elijah looked around him in awe. The white elephant charged pass him, followed by a parade, a display of many creatures, all whispy and white. Unicorns, cheetahs, a giraffe, even a dragon- a Norwegian Ridgeback that flew over the heads of the many people crowded on the platform- moved through the witches and wizards. The animals, were not in fact actual live animals, but animations. Clouds of steam given life. A tall but ancient,  thin woman with a large smile on her wrinkled face was controlling the stampede of creatures, magical or not, with the movements of an orchestra conductor, using her wand to transform the shapeless, billowing clouds into wonderful moving animals.


The steam came from a large, red train towering in front of him. ‘The Hogwarts Express’ was written elegantly along the side of the sleek locomotive. He looked at the sign above his head. Platform 9 ¾. Suddenly, Aurora appeared from behind him and tumbled onto his trolley, sending his cases flying. The old owl gave a squawk of outrage. ‘Sorry, Gertrude.’ Aurora apologised to the owl. She saw Elijah staring at the old thin woman and her creatures of cloud with wonder. Aurora smiled then said, nodding her head towards the woman: ‘Headmistress Mcgonagall.’ She glanced at her watch (it was the only muggle thing that she owned) and started. ‘Elijah! Hurry along now, the train will leave in a few minutes!’ She bent down to give him a peck on the cheek. 

Platform 9 ¾ was bursting with colour and noise, parents clustered down the long platform waving off their children. Elijah pushed his trolley through the crowd of adults. He walked past red carriage after red carriage, poking his head in through the door and asking if there were any spare seats. The kids would take one look at him and say, ‘No sorry, the carriage’s full.’. Suddenly, a thin, piercing whistle sounded from the head of the locomotive. Elijah heard the pistons start to slide and pump up and down. ‘Quick! Into the train!’ Squawked Aurora. She quickly opened up the nearest door and they started throwing his luggage into the train car. Elijah  jumped in just as the door closed shut. The beautiful steam train began moving.  Slowly at first, almost gliding along the train tracks before it began to gather speed, shiny pistons pumping furiously. Elijah smiled out the window and waved at Aurora. ‘Bye! Bye Aurora! Bye!’ She wiped a tear from her eye and waved back before the turbulence from the train stole her purple hat from her head and whisked the pointy, elongated thing away. 


Elijah peered down the carriage. He slowly walked through, looking into each compartment to see if there was an unused seat. All the kids would smirk at him and tell him to find one somewhere else. A compartment full of children in Hufflepuff robes felt sorry for him and said that he could swap with one of them if he liked. ‘No thank you, it's fine.’  He said as an empathetic blonde girl got up to offer him her seat. After not finding a seat in the whole carriage, Elijah decided to sit in the doorway at the rear of the carriage. He piled his luggage in the corner and sat on the carpeted floor with his knees tucked under his chin, watching the countryside blur pass.


Elijah’s shirt began to wriggle, he put his hand down his shirt and pulled out a black ferret. ‘Sorry Bartholomeus.’ Elijah said to the ferret. It made a sort of squeak/meow then squirmed out of his hand, scurried up his arm and pushed itself under his collar and wrapped its long flexible body around Elijah’s neck. 


‘Would you like anything sweet, dear?’ Asked a kindly voice. Elijah looked up and saw a young, portly witch looking down at him, a thin trolley filled with draws of candy and piled high with muffins and sweets in front of here. Elijah shook his head sadly. The kind witch smiled then bent down and handed him an individually wrapped sweet. ‘Here you go.’ She winked before moving on through the carriage.  


Elijah looked at the sweet in his hand. It was about the size of his thumb and had a pink wrapper spun around it. Across the wrapping, written in yellow, curling calligraphy was: Fizzing Whizzbee. He twirled open the crinkling wrapper and the sweet rolled out into the palm of his hand. It was shaped like some sort of insect and was the pink colour of candy floss. Elijah gave it tentative lick. It tasted wonderful. Similar to muggle sherbet but more juicy and fresh. He popped the whole thing in his mouth and bit down, it crumbled into a bubbling powder. Elijah felt light inside. Happy and light. Like all his worries had been removed. Elijah smiled and giggled. Then after a few seconds he burst out laughing. Hysterically laughing. He then started to rise off the ground as he laughed. Not stand up. Float up. He bumped against the ceiling and hovered a few feet off the ground, laughing. He floated around, defying gravity. The owl in his cage cocked its head up at him with mild curiosity. He spun around his small, lonely area at the rear of the carriage, pushing off the walls with his feet and slowly flying around near the ceiling. His ferret, Bartholomeus, squeaked and buried itself into the safety of Elijah’s top. After about twenty minutes Elijah began to slowly float back down. It took another fifteen minutes for the effects to wear off- he could still jump a metre into the air and float weightlessly to the floor of the train. He was smiling for the rest of the trip. 

Please go check out Gem’s and ArtistGirl’s stories! Have fun and please participate to get to win my prized! (In link above) llm is now entered! New entry!

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