Isolation contest [poll]

+4 votes
asked Jun 12 in Writing Contests by C.Clay (22,310 points)

I am starting an Isolation contest. Your task is to write something about isolation. It can be anything as long as it is in word form.

Things to remember

  • Title- isolation contest entry
  • Include at least one pro and one con about iso
  • Include something youve done in iso
  • It is due by July 1
  • Winners will be decided by upvotes and how much i liked it
  • Shoutout
  • Ksmag article
  • An upvote on your post
  • Bragging rights
I'm going to enter (0 votes)
I' ll probably enter (2 votes, 67%)
I probably won't enter (1 vote, 33%)
I'm not going to enter (0 votes)

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