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How Scarlett Main Became Luck


Scarlett dived into the water. It was crisp and cool, but not cold. She was an eleven-year-old girl visiting Saint Thomas Island for her birthday. She smiled at herself after emerging the water. The beach was empty but beautiful. Her mother was about to make a stop at the more crowded one, but a local named Mira who was also swimming pointed out the more private one. 

She plunged under the waves and spotted a giant school of fish and a sea turtle. Wow! Mira really knows her beaches! she proclaimed. Then, Scarlett spotted something. A great beam of light filtered the ocean water a few feet in front of her. It was brighter than a flashlight or a star or even the sun. It burned her blue eyes. All thoughts panicked her, making her want to stroke as fast as she could back to shore. She started forward, sprinting to stay alive from the unknown source of light.  "No you don't," stated a sweet voice.

Where is this person? " I'm here. And you don't want to leave. You want to be my guest. Come with me,"

Something in her voice explained what the beam was. It was to attract Scarlett's attention. Otherwise, she would never meet this beautiful mermaid. Wait, mermaid? 

"Your coming with me, sweetie."

Scarlett always saw things for how they are. She knew mermaids weren't the pretty cartoony women with tails. They were vicious monsters. No. I am not coming with you! I am not your sweetie. I may be the first person to realize this, I may be the last. But I know I am not your sweetie. I am your victim.  Scarlett thought.

"Fine. But I am not a mermaid at all. In fact, mermaids exist. Ones that are not vicious monsters. But I am not a mermaid. I am a siren." the voice said. 

Siren echoed in Scarlett's head. She had not seen the siren yet, though. I am not waiting for her to take me. I am leaving.

"NOOOOO!" the voice said.

And strangely, Scarlett understood. Once someone didn't fall for the siren's trap, they got a wish. "I wish...for more wishes!" Scarlett exclaimed.

"How many?" a bored voice asked. 

"Nevermind actually. I wish that I could make things happen when I wanted them to." Scarlett said.

And Scarlett became luck because of the sea siren. She made herself visit everyone's life, and gives luck to those in need, occasionally. 

Also, I know this is really weird, I just kinda threw something in there.



commented Oct 19, 2019 by LunaLight (123,570 points)
Good job, and nice job showing the difference between a mermaid and a siren (when people confuse them I get annoyed easily).
commented Oct 20, 2019 by BGPearl (4,270 points)
Thank you!

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answered Oct 19, 2019 by im kanye (373,980 points)

It was a late August as the brownish, golden leaves fell to the ground. One man stood tall, blue vibrant orbs on the little dire wolf that had long, white fur as it’s saliva fell from it’s mouth. The wolf continued the growl at the man who had black wolf pelt around his neck, a broad smile went across his pale face as the sun made it shine, “And what are you suppose to be?” he asked, now taking the cub in his arms as he tried biting with his long canines.


The man laughed at the cub, now a younger girl walking over, draped in silver silk and pelts on her arm as she just giggled. Her hair was long and straight with a crown hair, now as she placed her hands on the man who looked to be in his 20’s. “Ulric, how’s the summer evening?” she said, now looking at his surprised face at her words—indeed ‘surprised’ was taking it a little too far. He left the cub in leaves as he twirled around, eyes black as the sun continued the shine on the three.


“Ahh, my day has been fine.” He responded, cheery with his hand running through his long, black beard that curled up. As he said this, the spring right by the squirted water at the both of them as they looked besides, in quite of a shock to view a griffin on the rim of it all, in his beak a mouth filled with fresh water as it hopped in the air. It’s feathers were brown, beak golden and his head filled with white, eyes filled with life.

​super short and bad but oh well XD

commented Oct 19, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (320,940 points)
I like it!
commented Oct 19, 2019 by LunaLight (123,570 points)
Good job, and interesting!
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answered Oct 18, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (320,940 points)
I almost forgot! Will do!
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answered Oct 18, 2019 by im kanye (373,980 points)
ohhh yesss!!! i will do!

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