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asked Nov 24, 2019 in LGBTQIA Club by LunaLight (95,200 points)
First off, this is the longest acronym I know, and this is an explaination for what each of these mean.

Lesbian- Homosexual, typically girl x girl but some guys identify as lesbian. The lesbian pride flag is pink, white and red.

Gay- Homosexual, typically guy x guy but some girls identify as gay. The gay pride flag is rainbow.

Genderqueer/Non-Binary- If someone is genderqueer A.K.A. Non-binary they do not identify as the gender they were born with but do not disclose their current gender. The genderqueer pride flag is green, white, and purple.

Bisexual- This person likes boy and girls (some say bisexual means more than one gender, but I see it as two). The bisexual pride flag is pink, purple, and blue.

Demisexual- This means the person doesn't feel attracted to anyone unless they have formed a strong emotional connection them. The demisexual pride flag is black, white, grey and purple, the black a triangle on the left side.

Transgender- This person does not identify as the gender they were born with but rather the opposite gender. Some places do not recognize someone as transgender without the surgery. The transgender/transsexual pride flag is white, pink and blue.

Transsexual- Same as transgender for the most part.

Two-Spirit- Basically, it means transgender/sexual. In some Native American cultures it is a third gender meaning someone who acts and identifies as the opposite as their biological gender. Unable to find a pride flag specific to two-spirit.

Intersex- Not defined as either gender, NOT transgender/sexual or two-spirit which is identifying oneself as their non-biological gender but rather when at birth cannot be identified as either male nor female. The intersex pride flag is yellow with a purple eclipsed circle.

Queer- Someone who is not straight but does not disclose what their specific sexuality is. The queer pride flag is rainbow.

Questioning- Someone who does not know what their sexuality or gender is and is still trying to figure it out. Unable to find a pride flag specific to questioning.

Asexual (A.K.A. Ace)- Someone who does not have an attraction to any gender. The ace pride flag is black, white, grey, and purple, but unlike the demisexual pride flag it is only striped.

Allies- An ally is someone who while being straight and cisgender supports LGBT+ and it's movements. The ally pride flag is black and white with a rainbow A shape.

Pansexual- Someone who is attracted to more than 2 genders. The pansexual pride flag is pink, yellow, and blue.

Polyamorous- Someone who is interested in having a relationship with more than one partner, such as in a threesome or foursome. The polyamorous pride flag is black, red, blue, and a slight bit of yellow.


More things not in this acronym-

Polysexual- Attracted to more than two genders. The polysexual pride flag is pink, green, and blue.



Cisgender- To identify as one's biological gender. The cisgender pride flag is pink and blue.

Heterosexual- Straight, or attracted to the opposite gender. The straight pride flag is black and white.



If you hear about another sexuality or gender just comment and ask what it means, I will figure it out and explain it to you. I made this in case anyone didn't know what something was or was curious about the flag. Also, this took a long time and a lot of research. So what are your flags (gender and sexuality)? Mine is pink and blue for my gender and pink, red and white for my sexuality, or rainbow if you actually read the whole thing. If I was not good at the description for any flag, like say ally or demisexual, just tell me and I will post a picture.

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answered Feb 3 by WelshTerriersssCS (14,370 points)
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My flags are: cisgender, heterosexual, and ally.
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answered Feb 3 by dragon knight (366,140 points)
Is it bad I wheezed at the thought of a gay man saying their a lesbian
commented Feb 3 by LunaLight (95,200 points)
It's not as common as a lesbian saying their gay, but it's possible. I suppose it would be odd though.
commented Feb 11 by dragon knight (366,140 points)
i agree, its just kind of odd because lesbian is girlXgirl not boyXboy like that would make your straight if your were a male lesbian LOL
commented Apr 20 by CoralSophie08 (20,280 points)
I mean, lesbian is only for girls, but gay is technically neutral.
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answered Nov 25, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,330 points)
Huh. Whoa. Most of these are really odd. I think I'll stick with LGBT+ acronym.

My flags would be straight and cisgender. I'm not an ally... why don't they have a thing for people who don't support it but accept it?
commented Nov 25, 2019 by LunaLight (95,200 points)
I don't know, they might in the future.
commented Feb 3 by KITTEN (605,950 points)
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answered Nov 24, 2019 by KITTEN (605,950 points)
This actually really helped me. I have been trying to find this for ages! Can this be included in the kidzsearch magazine?
commented Nov 25, 2019 by LunaLight (95,200 points)
Sure. All I did was search "longest LGBTQ acroym" and explained what they mean.
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answered Nov 24, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (114,120 points)

Thanks!! This explains a LOT!!! Can't thank you enough! 


commented Nov 24, 2019 by LunaLight (95,200 points)
NP, so what are your flags?
commented Nov 25, 2019 by ❤KittyKat❤ (114,120 points)
Cisgender, heterosexual, and an ally!
commented Nov 25, 2019 by LunaLight (95,200 points)

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