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asked Jan 9 in Personal by Jabber (22,510 points)

I might now be on here very much, since I am having lots of depression and am failing at learning to accept myself, and like myself as much as I should. I just wanted to say thanks you to all of my friends on here and people who have supported me. So thank you. 



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answered Jan 9 by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (195,550 points)
:( ok we will miss you! Jabber!
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answered Jan 9 by arkzo (420,480 points)
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answered Jan 9 by Kitten (545,670 points)
okay! cya
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answered Jan 9 by Coffee Cake (66,790 points)
I hope you come back one day! You will definitely be remembered.
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answered Jan 9 by LunaLight (88,790 points)
We'll miss ya Jabber, I hope you feel better soon, you are an amazing user here, we will miss you.

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Hey guys!!Sorry I haven't posted lately, just with gymnastics, and school it's hard.Anyway, I have a gymnastics meet this weekend.Kinda nervous, but not much.That night we are ... tell me what it's like and what they do to you?Love you guys!! -Jelly

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Today is R U OK day. R U OK day is a special day to remind people to ask each other "Are you okay?" If we are ever feeling down we need to talk to someone to get help. R U OK is a suicide prevention organisation.

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I saw the total eclipse it was so cool like a magical wormhole in the sky I went down to my cousins house to see the total one in Columbia when my neighbors stayed back at north Carolina but it was still so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm going to have this next week off from kidzsearch because I have a lot of stuff to do like my physics class, the fitness test, world history class, theatre class, and more. And my table's charger broke....

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its not scary its just sounds like it. I recommend this book ages 10 and up when I make it this is just a trailer saying I am making a book. Its action packed and ... and sad it will take awhile to make so plz wait. hope you will like my book

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When is midnight?

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THANKS TO JABBER! SHE CREATED THE ORIGINAL! I am a girl (kinda obvious). I love to draw, read, and write. I don't share my artwork here because I always get ... Starclan Battles, and Blixemi from Youtube. I love to learn new things. I also bake/cook!

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so i am 13 i am turning 14 this year and my height is 4 feet with 10 inches i know i am very short is this bad am i going to be short forever

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I am Luna Moonlight/Luna midnight/Fallen Dark Angel, and i cut. I know so many of you are going to comment this saying "dont cut, it' bad for you" but if cutting ... known I cut. Well I do, there isn' much to say, i started cutting recently actually.

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I have ADHD and i need the pills for it again, but i know they are expensive and my parents are already struggling with money and i don't want to be a burden. PLEASE HELP!

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You know my friend i said might join KT well... Her parents said no :( (Don't ask why cuz idk) One of my friends might be joining...

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I made an alternate account, but I don't have another e-mail, so it's unregistered. I have to say this, I just don't want to say it on my real account, and you can ... am, you can comment below, and I may or may not telll you if your right or wrong.

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Today the doctor found out I have cancer I am very sad right now I'm having my mom type for me I have connection tubes all over me I'm at a hospital it's scary I'm trying ... and tired I can't help it what if I did die I dont want to die I'm scared

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I live in South Dakota for the summer and I had a hamster in Virginia but he just died. I am very sad. He's name was Buddy and he was not even a year old. He had a happy life.

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I'll tell you how I felt but I won't tell you the school... So, today my school is closed and in the gym I was crying so hard with my friends and hugging ... felt emotional that much. Please help me (but don't tell your school) know how you feel!

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Her beautiful sister and her mom died in. A bad fire

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my BFF Sarah lost her mom and sister in a fire so sad

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I saw this category and my mind immediately goes to time travel. LOL

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WARNING: It is going to be a quite long post. I can remember, I went to the movie theatre for the first time on 14 January 2014, (I can't believe ... Doesn't it sound awesome? Leave your thoughts in the answer section below! Thanks for reading!

asked Jun 6, 2019 in Film / TV by JD2005
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For real, where are they?

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I saw a question from a long time ago about that!

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I held an opinion contest which didn't really work out. But I'll try again! Now, I'm holding a writing contest, but not just any old one. Your writing must contain three ... and don't forget, you should all have fun, too! Hope I see your entry, soon!

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Guess who I am! Here are a few things about me to help you guess (Also, I'm not the first person who did this!) : I have over 100,000 points. I'm aged 12-15 i'm ... pop songs. I'm a fan of questionable things... I'm a really boring place! Who am I?

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