Which Park?

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asked May 13, 2018 in All Advisors by KRbug2006
Which Amusement park should i go to?boogie

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I recently went to Disney World and Universal Studios. What's your favorite park?

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Sooo.... KnightStar did this and now I am... If your not on Kidznet, here's the link to scroll through my stuff. https://net.kidzsearch.com/u/Queeny TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!

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Today is R U OK day. R U OK day is a special day to remind people to ask each other "Are you okay?" If we are ever feeling down we need to talk to someone to get help. R U OK is a suicide prevention organisation.

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Best Question Of The Day!: Want a fan sign?!?! By Lollypopqueen! Best Account of the Day Issssssss: Lollypopqueen Congratulations Lollypopqueen!

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Could you guys make some avatars for me? I don't have access to YouTube or websites other than KS so plz no links. Just make it how you think I look. I have long ... she used a MLP avatar maker for meh! Thx gurl!). Comment with your avatar below! ;)

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I'd like to answer some questions, even I'm busy studying. I use to see kidznet and kidztalk before I went to sleep, just like right now. And I all ready post about 30 ... get 1 selected answer, or if I had 1 gold badge. Thx, if you know my feelings.

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I all ready registered in kidztalk since one month ago. I all ready make many questions, but I'm still rank 60! How can I get to rank 20? Please answer

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The more your ideas grow, The more I shrink!

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Although relatively easy, the Internet has a hard time solving this brain teaser:

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A car passed a hotel. The Owner of the car wasn't in the car. Suddenly the Owner of the car yelled IM BANKRUPT!!! Nobody was in his car. How did the owner get bankrupt? Good Luck this is a tough one ;)

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What is the smallest state and the second smallest state (in the US and what the largest county in INdiana

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There was a murder at a house. Can you figure out who is the culprit? Here is the riddle: The murder was at a house that had no corners. It was absolutely circular ... that she claims it to be blood. Who is the culprit?Please put your answers below.

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What's white and black and white all over?

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My family and I are going to go on a trip to hike and is it ok if you don't remove me from the advice column list if you don't hear from me in a long time because of the trip? Thanks KidzSearch,

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What room can you eat?

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120,000 POINTS YAY

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