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A writing competition is coming up!All you have to do, is write a story, and post it in the comment section below.It could be as weird and as wacky as you want!All competitors to enter their story in before 11th April 2020.The winner will get a gold certificate (and for example if you are jellyfishlover, there would be a jellyfish on it)and the second and third places will be awarded with silver and bronze ones.The winner will be announced on the 13th April (right after Easter).

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I'll be working on my story
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Working on it!
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Working on it now! Super fun. I am making mine REALLY wacky. Also, is there a minimum or a maximum for how long it has to be?
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Working on it! Also, what's your fave genre to read about?
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Happy April Fools Day everyone!I hope you have a great day playing pranks on your family and friends!!tongue_smileAnd no,there is no maximum or minimum for how long they have to be.It could be as short or as long as you want!!BTW ❤️Kitty Cat❤️ I love every and any genre, but I do struggle to read some of Shakespeare’s plays.I really like horror stories, and you know ‘The Tree Maids’ story below?I like those sort of stories too, but other genres like the first story sent in are cool (as long as not too complicated)...for some reason reminds me of a video game.Right now one of the stories are in the lead, but I can’t wait to get more!I really enjoy reading them.Anyway,remember,all entries must be submitted before the 11th of April 2020, but if you forget, you could submit them on the twelfth.Take care, and stay safe!!!






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OK! I'm getting mine done today. I had a lot of my own ideas that would be interesting.
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The tap in the attic: There was once a young girl named norie,she was 10 years old at the time and loved to tell stories to her parents and 14 year old brother Dane who loved her stories. One night after dinner norie headed to bed,her room was on the top floor right below from the attic. About ten minutes after she lay down she heard a tap right above her bed. Its not raining,she thought. She shruged it off and closed her eyes once again then the tap started again it was louder this time, she just couldn't ignore it and went up into the attic. There she saw a bag,it was large almost as big as her. She slowly crept towards it, but then it moved! She also heard a muffled word it sounded like someone saying help...norie opened the bag and saw a girl about her age staring at noire as if she was God. Please help...the girl said weakly. The girl got out of the bag they both ran into nories parents room and told them what happened the next morning they took the girl to the police station to see her the girls parents waiting for her. Nories parents were arrested,but they didn't do it to this day nobody knows how she got there but that's a story for another day. The end!
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Good story!teeth_smile

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I would hate to be the judge of this competition! Everyone’s entries are AMAZING!!!

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Ok,so you’ve all been waiting for this, and finally, the day that I announce the winners came!!Below is the list from 1st to follow-ups.Your certificates will be given out on the 14th or 15th.Here goes:

1st) “The Three Maid Sisters” by ‘Opal Gem Star is so stupid she forgot her’!Congratulations!!!I found your story extremely incredible!!
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Is there a 2nd or 3rd? Sorry if you typed it already, it might just be my iPad.
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I’m entering an old story I think I made for a writing contest on here.


The Mantle of the Beast (yeah I was kinda at a loss for names)

I sped through the woods, not stopping, not daring to risk a glance behind me. I ran as fast as I could, as if someone-or something-was chasing me. That was because it was. 

All the elves in my part of the forest had heard the legends- the dreadful tales of creatures that were half man, and half beast. I crossed my fingers as I ran, panting a quick wish that today wouldn’t be my last. 

I burst through a bush, ripping the edge of my tunic. Behind it was an empty grassy space hidden in the midst of the wooded thicket. I stopped for a minute. I thought I was safe, I thought I had lost it, until I heard a twig snap.

I spun around. I saw nothing behind me. But when I turned back around, I saw something. Not the horrific beast that had been chasing me, but a girl, a human girl. A young girl, perhaps eleven years old. She stared at me, startled. 

The girl inspected me from head to toe, from the tips of my pointed ears to the ends on my soft leather-soled shoes. “You’re not like me,” she pointed out, breaking the silence. “You look like you’re from a faerie story.” 

I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms, pretending to be offended. “Do I look like a faerie to you?” I asked, for the first time noticing how silvery and light my voice seemed compared to a human’s. After all, I’d never spoken to a human before… at least, not for as long as I could remember. 

The girl walked around me. “No. You don’t have any wings.” she said. “Good.” I replied. “I don’t want to be a faerie. Elven boys are better than those snobbish little flying pests.” 

She looked at me inquiringly. “I thought faeries were the good guys, aren’t they?” I sighed. “All in all, yes. But they honestly don’t really care what happens, as long as their hair is still in place. Ugh.” 

But the girl wasn’t listening. At least not to me. She cocked her head to the left and stared into the forest. I looked at her with wide eyes, and the same message flashed in them: Get out! 

We could both hear the heavy tread of th beast as it trampled the underbrush. I grabbed the girl’s rm and pulled her into the roots of the trees. That was extremely risky, but I had no choice. I didn’t even know who lived there! 

We slid down the hollow trunk, which was normal for me, but for the human, it was… probably startling, being pulled down something you’d never seen before by a stranger. I just realized we didn’t even know each others’ names!

I introduced myself as we slid. After all, most elves live a long way underground. My house is almost a mile deep! “I’m sorry, haven’t introduced myself yet. My name’s Sam, Sam Goldian.” The girl’s suspicious eyes calmed down and she said, “That’s kind of a human name, it doesn’t sound like an elf one.” I explained to her that I was an orphan, found in a human town on somebody’s doorstep. “They named me, and raised me for three years until they realized I was an elf. They threw me out, calling me a demon. I came here, found an elf village, and stayed for thirteen years. Anyway, what’s your name?” I asked her. 

She smiled at me and said, “Sarah. Sarah Harrington. I’m fourteen, and I’m guessing you’re-” “Sixteen.” I finished for her. “My birthday was two days ago.” “Happy Birthday,” she responded. 

“Thank you.” I said. Then, seeing the wild look on her face, I slowly turned around. My face copied hers, and I turned back around to look at Sarah. “Run!” I shouted. She ran left, and I ran right. We flew through the underbrush, avoiding the beast and thinking sadly that we’d probably never see each other again. 


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The Day I got Stuck in my Locker

By Monkeymad60 

    NORMAL lockers don’t suck people inside a different world. Of course, in my 7th grade year, I HAD to get a locker that did that. Just my luck.

    Let’s backtrack. First day of 7th grade. I just got my locker assignment, locker 301. It took me a full 3 minutes to find it, our school is huge for no apparent reason. We only have 500 kids here. 

     Anyways, after I finally found my locker, I put in the code and open it up. Inside, it looked exactly like a normal locker. I put my stuff inside and go on with my day. After the next period, I go out to my locker again to put away some homework. But when I open it up, all my stuff is gone. Missing. Absent. I immediately go to the main office inform the principal calmly about the situation.

     I barge into her office and shout, “My stuff is MISSING!!!!! ALL OF IT!!!!!” “Alright, alright, stop yelling,” The principal, Ms. Williams, says. “Mr. Sallows, can you explain why you have bulldozed into my room SCREAMING when you should have been in class? I am very busy at this time.” I follow her gaze to her lap, where she has her phone out and is playing a mobile game. 

     I take a deep breath. “Ms. Williams, this morning I received my locker assignment. After class I went out to my locker and put my stuff inside. After  2nd period, I go back out to my locker, only to find that ALL MY STUFF IS MISSING!!!! Someone STOLE IT.” 

     “Mr. Sallows-,”

     “Stop calling me Mister!”

     “-I’m sure there is a clearly logical reason for why your belongings are missing from your locker. Maybe you didn’t lock it, and the things fell out. Someone might’ve taken them to the lost and found.”

      I scoff. Ms. Williams could be as blind as a bat sometimes. 

      “Ms. Williams, hasn’t it come to your attention that there have been lockers BROKEN INTO in the past year? But no one ever knew how, because the locker would be in perfect shape after the stuff would go missing.”

      “There have only been two locker break-ins like that, and they happened in the same locker: 301. I’m sure you just misplaced-“

       “MY LOCKER IS LOCKER 301!!!!!!!” I scream, leaning my body over the desk to get closer to Ms. Williams.

       “Mr. Sallows, PLEASE stop screaming in my face. Get out of my office and collect a tardy pass from the secretary. I will send an email about this to your parents right this instant.” She pulls out her computer and starts typing. I slam the office door on my way out.

       “In trouble again, James?” The secretary, Mrs. Olsen, asks. 

       “Just frustrated.”

       “Well, be sure to focus in your classes.” She scribbles a note on a piece of paper and gives it to me. 

       As I leave, I hear the principal’s office door open. “Karen, do you know how to beat level 24? I’ve been playing all day and can’t get past it.”

       After the school day is over, I open my locker once again. Still nothing. I stick my head inside, trying to get a closer look, when the door suddenly slams closed, pushing my whole body inside. 

        Great, I think, I’m stuck in a locker at the end of a school day. How could this get any worse? I’m about to hit my head on the back of the locker in frustration, when I realize there IS no back. I stumble backwards, trying to catch myself along the wall but there isn’t one. When I finally regain my balance, I look up and see a murky, gray sky. Like the color of light gray rocks. I realize, I’m going to be late for dinner. 

         I get up and start walking around. This world has a range of beautiful dead bushes. Dry, sandy dirt layers the ground, with weeds scattered around. You can tell this part is abandoned. As I continue walking, I see a small hut up ahead. As I get closer, I see it is painted with all sorts of greens and blues and yellows. This person really wants to spruce up the terrain, apparently. 

         As I walk up the front steps, about to knock on the door, it flings open. “Admiral! Oh, Admiral, I knew you’d-wait, you’re not Admiral.” I look up and see this large woman frowning down upon me. She must be 10 feet tall, wearing a REALLY vibrant fuchsia dress and white leggings. “U-uum, hi?” I said, staring up at her in awe. 

        “What’re you doing on my front porch? Come inside, it’s freezing out.” It was actually sweltering hot, but I figured she wanted some company.

        As I walk inside, I look around. There is a LOT of clutter. Backpacks, books, homework... wait a minute! “Umm, ma’am? That’s my backpack there.” 

        “It is, isn’t it?” She says, sarcastically. “Are you... James M. Sallows?”

        “Y-yes, I am,” I said. This giant of a woman is really intimidating. 

         “Then I guess you can have it back. These backpacks and books randomly appear from thin air, so of COURSE I had to collect them. With King Merton reigning, nobody is opening up their shops anymore, so I take what I can.”

          “Who’s King Merton?”

          “Oh, dear, SURELY you know,” She says, towering over me, “He’s been ruling for YEARS now. He’s well into his 90’s,”

           “Also, uh, who are YOU?” I said, nervously twiddling my thumbs. 

           “Oh, where are my manners? My name is Olive Happerhops, and I live in the outskirts of the Arcadian Empire. Right now is a stressful time, for when King Merton turned 80, he fell into a stubborn illness. When he was finally healed, he started giving his men crazy orders. Kill the Queen, done. Kill the servants, done. Fetch me a hundred donuts, now THAT was hard. What even are donuts?” Olive asks.

          “They’re these- Oh, nevermind. Tell me more about this empire. What’s happened now? Why does this empire look so isolated?” I asked.

         “Well, about a year or so ago, King Merton decided it would be fun to dispose of the townspeople. Soon, there were only a few left. The king’s men managed to convince the king to not kill off everyone, but still, everyone is too scared to leave their houses. It’s like, quarantine or something.” 

        “Thank you for this-uh, Lovely chat. I’m going to go see what I can do.” I got up and pushed the chair in. “Wait- James, was it?” Olive said, “I’ll come with  you. The world out there is too dangerous for a little person like you.”

                I grimace. “Uh, acctually, I can do just fine on my own, thanks.”

           “Don’t be daft! Gather your things, we’ll leave right away.” 

                I reluctantly gather my things. If this woman is coming along, so be it. I’ll be bound to lose her at one point or another. 

            We head out. I follow her lead for about a mile until we reach the castle. And boy, was it UGLY. 

         Vines hung from the rusty drawbridge which mug over the vast moat. As we looked for somebody to ask to lower the drawbridge, a man dressed in royal furs holding a cane emerged from the castle doors. We quickly hid in the bushes as we listened to his conversation.

       “No, I don’t WANT a loaf of bread, I don’t WANT a glass of milk, I want a donut and a hot chocolate!” He said.

       “But, sir!” A manly voice said, “There is no such thing! You may have bread, you may have milk, but the other stuff? Impossible!”

       “I have seen for myself what these ‘no such thing’ desserts look like! You will get the, for me this instant!” We heard the stomping of a foot. 

       “But, sir-“

       “If you have nothing else to give me, I highly suggest you walk away. NOW.”

        Footsteps start echoing in the distance. 

        “I’m going after him,” I announce to Olive.

        “No, you mustn’t! He will surely chop off your head before you can say- ummm, Stop!” She said. I was already halfway to the moat. 

        As I approached the moat, The man who appeared to be King Merton did the same. “Young Man!” He exclaimed, leaning on his cane. “Or woman..... uh, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Um, You there! What has happened to bring a- a PEASANT into my prescence?”        

      I roll my eyes. This man thinks he’s all that. “Look, dude, we both know you aren’t very, uhhhh, how to put in nicely, bright. Do me a favor, and lower the drawbridge.”

    The ‘king’ gasps. “How DARE you insult me! And to my own face! Say, uh, how dare you! Did I say that already?” He asks the gardener behind him. She nods, then walks away rather briskly. The king calls after her. He seems to have forgotten I was standing right across from him! I watch him walking away from me, leaning heavily on his stick. Olive’s right, he has gone wonky. 

      Olive rushes up to me from the bushes just as I get a guard to lower the drawbridge. “How could you do that? And that exchange between you and the king-miraculous you made it out alive!” 

      “Olive, calm down. I’m fine, see? But I can also see that you were right. The king’s gone mad.” I said. “Hey, would hypnotism work?” Olive asks, pondering. “Umm, maybe? I don’t know, I haven’t studied this kind of stuff!!” I respond. 

      “I have a friend..... Alexandra Simpson. She’s a psychic she studied hypnotism all her life. Maybe she’d be able to hypnotize the king to stop hurting the towns people and his civilization?” Olive says. I respond with, “You know, that’s a pretty good plan!” The truth is I never thought all of could be useful for anything except maybe scaring away  random strangers, but this is seriously a good idea! “Where does she live?” I ask Olive. “I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure she lives somewhere along this road. I think her office is right down the way. Let’s go see!” We promptly make our way down the road.

     After about five minutes of walking we finally reached the so-called Alexandra’s house. The sign outside reads, ‘Psychic for hire.’ We go inside the building, not really acknowledging the sign that says, ‘beware of dog.’

     When the bell on the door jinga-lings, A seemingly frantic woman with ratty hair pulled into a messy bun pops up from under the counter. “We are here!!!” Olive exclaims, throwing her arms out wide towards Alexandra. Olive has to bend over quite a bit in order to fit inside the building.

      “Olive!” Alexandra says hugging Olive’s leg. 

      “Alexandra, we have a job for you. Are you ready for it?” Olive says.

      “Yes, I am. But first, how is your cat, Smooches, doing?”

      I’m not going to bother narrating this part, because Alexandra and Olive go on to have a 10-minute-long discussion about pets. I’m going to fast forward to the big exciting part in which we have a battle with the king-oh. Wait. That never happened. Oops!

      Instead, I’m going to talk about us finding our way inside the castle. Alexandra and Olive were chatting the whole time, so I was left with my body and my incredible strategic skills. That was sarcasm, by the way. 

      Basically, we find our way inside the castle through a hole dug into the ground conveniently right in front of the castle. We travel underground and quickly find ourselves in front of a ladder. Of course, we climb it. You can guess what was waiting for us there.

      The king, with all his guards beside him, stand watching us climb out. Even Olive and Alexandra stop talking long enough to notice this. I glare and them, trying to telepathically tell them to shut up. They do.

      “Well, well, well. Who do we have here?” The king says, holding on to his stick as he slowly hobbles towards us menacingly.  “Seriously, who do we have here? I lost my glasses.” A knight quickly runs to another room and comes back with a small pair of spectacles. “Ahh, I see, I see. Little-Ms.-Dares-to-insult-me-in-my-prescence. How are you doing, my dear?” He asks, cocking his head with a devilish smile. 

      “Umm, First of all, I’m a boy. Second of all, was this a trap? Did you know we would be coming?” I said.

       “Pshh, of course! Little Alexandra. Come to daddy, dear.” 

      Olive and I gasp. “Alexandra!” Olive says, her voice braking, “Why did you never tell me this?” Alexandra looks guilty. She tries to catch my eye, but I look away. Little sneak. I didn’t know her that well, but I still care. How could she betray us like this? “Wait a minute,” I said, “How did you know we’d be coming if Alexandra didn’t contact you? After we visited her we came straight here!” I continue, sure I’ve caught him.

      “See here, Miss, I have been traveling to the future. My advisor rigged up this old ping-pong table, cast a spell on it, and turned it into a portal. While there, I drank this terrible drink. Every time I drunk it I was thirstier, so naturally, I keep drinking it,” He says, motioning behind him. That’s when I notice all the soda cans piled behind him. THAT’S why he’s been going crazy. 

      “I’m not a Miss! Also, that drink? It’s soda. It’s terrible for your teeth.” As I say this, he opens his mouth wide, and I see the most disgusting, rotting set of teeth I have ever seen in my life. Ever. And I have a little brother. 

     “Knight!” He shouts, and a man wearing medieval gear and a helmet comes running to his side. “Fetch me my magical Ping-Pong Table of Excellence!” He says, and it is delivered. “Now, children, if you take a looksie in here....” I don’t wait for him to finish. I’m not POLITE! 

       I jump inside the portal, and land with a bump right outside my locker. I don’t know how Olive’s doing now, but I know she’s fine. She’s a smart woman. 




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THE horizon had baffled those who had the chance the be punctured by the view. It was so majestic, any horse who had galloped near the hills, with tiresome black beady eyes were able to see it. Wind winding over thou face, hair flowing back, but eyes lead only on the green grassy mountains yonder. It was yet a girl in a Kingdom with only a horse, brown as her hair, only to be pulled back by the startled horse.

The dirt beneath its feet turned to dust flying in the fresh air. The breeze had flowed in peace, it had only run through her own long thick strands of hair, touched by nothing but the silent hands. The land below her own perch was filled with no homes, no villages or camps, only but land with everlasting life. Life with no animals or humans in sight but her and her horse, who had neighed to continue on the road, but she was too busy in her restless gaze.

“Hold on sir,” she pets the thick, black as night mane of the fidgety horse, “Mother says I must fetch some fish, the city ain’t far.” The girl bellowed, her pale but warm face had said, leaving only a little stare to the sight once more. The horse had slowly galloped on as she held on to him – her bags placed over the horse jumping on the sides of him. The trees leaning over the two had brushed against her skin, it seemed they were in for a grasp.

The horse picked up speed, it’s gallops growing louder as her water now left a sound. The wind flowed through her hair, now her sight was but down, down, down, to where she had never left her own eyes at.

Little to no time she had found herself seeing a small town-like place, with people looking around, carrying food in their own wool bags. She hopped off her horse, bound him to the wood and let her scrawny body walk off in the distance. There weren’t much people as there would be in the city, out miles away. The only people were ones who owned lots of land and needed gifts for their children, gifts that were food made by other farmers. Their specialty. It seemed the smell of meats, preferable deer, was all over the stands. The familiar yearning for the food had catered her nose.

She, Antonia, a girl with her life ahead of her was collecting food for herself. It was soon be cold and she had to stock up before them. For her grandfather was a needy man, indeed he himself was near is longing. His time was going to come, it had shivered Antonia to the bone. Of course, the thought it was baffled her the most, not his passing. For she knew the blessing of God was tailored towards her, and she could lead her grown life away from her ties. It was all she wanted after all.  

She wore clothes made by her own tiresome hands, made for winter by sheep’s wool. It was white, under it being silky clothes any commoner would wear. Though it fit her small frame perfectly, and her arms covered in the wool was all too much comfort for her own good. She had to hustle though; this comfort would not last for long if her grandfather’s last breath was an impatient one.

So, she had taken the fresh meat, honey, and other goods she herself could not produce. She was on her way back to her grandfather.

But when she had arrived, his own face was pale. Drool covered his chin—and empty feel covered his long face. He looks terrified. Right beside him, on the floor of the needy house was a brown cup with substance that had stuck to floor.

“Oh, looks to be I’m going to have more stuff to clean up! Well, even after death you are awfully dirty.” A cold sneer covered the girl’s face, one wicked hand on her hip. A sigh escaping her plump pink lips.

Her work was done indeed.

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Part 1

Prepare for drop


It was Nightingale’s first day on the job as a spartan. Trained in the art of stealth and then given the black armor of a Scout-class armor. Trained to silently turn on an energy blade and to silently kill someone. But today, there will be no mock patrols, there will be no hiding in bushes and jumping an unsuspecting robot. This was a real mission. Nightingale put on the black armor, and checked the battery of her energy sword. She then sheathed the jagged combat knife to her right shoulder armor. The sheath was slightly scratched, but it fit with the color scheme. Then, a booming voice was piped into her radio: “Nightingale-021, you’re dropping from the egg. Once you land, prepare for your instructions.” Ugh. The egg. The egg was one way of entry into a different planet, in the form of a pod. The pod would be first exploded from the ship, and the pod would plummet towards the ground. If you were lucky, you didn’t hit some debris and then spin out of control. Many cases of Spartans “missing in action” was due to losing control of the pods and burning up in the atmosphere of some crazy planet. The Office of Naval Intelligence didn’t enjoy telling the public a Spartan died. They live by the quote. “Spartans never die, they just disappear.” Muttering to herself that she should have done intelligence, Nightingale then walked out to the drop room. A faint glow from the rack lights of where the pods used to be illuminated the otherwise dark corridor. A nearby weapon rack was empty. “Looks like some drop troopers went to action.” Nightingale knew that she probably would’ve been a drop trooper if she chose to no become a Spartan. That meant going in the pods almost every day to subdue some cranky alien species on a planet running amok trying to kill its inhabitants. But there was only one rack of pods left. This section was apparently “for escape only” due to it’s frail and quite ancient properties. A more recent note stuck to it said “and Spartans too.” This rack of pods were a bunch of dinosaurs, ancient descendants of the lifeboat that was also racked in the ships. Nightingale took a deep breath, and hopped into the first pod, immediately regretting it. It smelled like blood in the pod, there was a MA5 Assault Rifle stuck in its rack, the seat was torn and had absolutely zero cushioning, the controls seemed weak, and when Nightingale pulled the hatch down, there were obvious marks of various cracks on the windows, and the electronic communications were blacked out, had error screens, or simply were taken off. A tattered manual was sitting in a cargo net, labeled “Standard use of the “Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle”. Nightingale then figured she needed to time the launch, so she had to look for the “timing box”. Usually, when used by Drop Troopers, or “ODST’s”, the ship’s captain or AI would do it. But this ship was a dinosaur too, a merchant ship-turned battle frigate. The converted ships drop system was so unstable, troopers would sit in and the hatch beneath would open. The trooper was usually dropped by a firing system breaking a chain, but there sometimes would be too little energy or too much. So when Nightingale finally opened the timing box, the pod starting moving. The hatch opened, and then a massive explosion blasted the pod out the ship and into space. Space was cold, and Nightingale could feel it through the cracks in the hatch. Then, the system computer on the unbroken side of the hatch lit up and informed that there would be several incoming meteorites. Nightingale remembered something from the menu about “Type something something anti debris rocket things.” She then found a third control stick, and this was the one used to aim. The pod’s aiming computer connected to Nightingale’s helmet, and then she aimed for a rock coming towards her pod. She pressed the little red button, and the pod was rocked sideways, spinning out of control, until Nightingale figures the large control sticks on her left and right hand sides were used to control the pod. She then figure that in order to fire the rockets without risk of spinning out of control, she would have to keep one hand on the control stick to keep the pod stabilized. But, Nightingale used more fuel then she would’ve liked, as she what’d no fuel left. The backup tank declared itself as “out of action”, and hence all she could do was sit. Then, the darkness and cold of space disappeared, and now the heat and the amount of g forces of reentry. The pod gathered speed, and suddenly the beautiful view of green trees, tall mountains, and blue water appeared, but this break was intercepted by a warning. An anti-aircraft defense belonging to the Covenant(the aliens) had spotted the pod and fired several homing missiles at it. Nightingale had two options. She could radio for help to a nearby ally that showed up on her radar, but the dot disappeared off the radar. There were several rockets in the pod when it was in space, but now there were only two. The rest had either burned away or were shot at space rocks. The pod shot one anti rock missile, which clipped one enemy missile, and then just as Nightingale thought she was in the clear, she was racked with three more hits. The system computer said there were massive damage to the exterior of the pod, and when Nightingale turned around, a huge chunk of the back of the pod was gone, the electronics exposed. The chunk of metal plummeted into the water, and a pelican drop ship about to crash,  but when Nightingale turned around, the pod was smashing through a mountain, and small rocks dented Nightingale’s energy shields, and a large rock smashed through the hole in the back and smashed Nightingale into the door, taking down the rest of the sheild. The pod came out, but then there were only trees and more rocks, and large swampy areas. The pod then plummeted down, and while Nightingale was attempting to prevent the pod from crashing into the swamp, the controls didn’t work, as the electronics were shattered form the anti-aircraft missiles. The pod’s fall was broken by several layers of trees, and then pod bounced off a rock. The pod then fell sideways into the swamp, bouncing, until the pod uprighted itself. Nightingale thought she had sustained several heart attacks during the trip, and vowed to never use a pod again. The pod’s door then hissed, and stopped. Nightingale thought the door was supposed to pop out. But it didn’t. So she pulled the manual out, and looked at it thoroughly. Indeed, it was supposed to, but since the pod had been damaged so much, the oxygen tank that was meant to burst the door off was emptied. The hunk of metal that had been blown off by the missile had expended the tank, thinking there was loss of pressure. Because Nightingale was a Spartan, she could survive in space, so she could only felt the cold. If she was an ODST, she would’ve died. A loud whistling sound was heard, and a red hot stick with some flaps at the top landed in the swamp. The reason why the pod ride had been so bumpy was cuz that was the airbrake. A sort of parachute. The pod’s door finally hissed again after a lot of kicking and stabbing with the energy sword. The door then left a massive bang and in the process, completely went through a tree. The tree then remained afloat, and then crashed to the ground. Nightingale then jumped into the murky water, and decided to pull the MA5 Assault Rifle out. It came out smooth, and Nightingale clipped the gun to her back and put the extra clips into her leg armor storage compartment.. She then grabbed her energy sword, and set out on her mission. 

commented Apr 1, 2020 by Awesome Space Kitten (4,740 points)

Cool story!!!rock

+2 votes
answered Mar 30, 2020 by OpalGemStar is so stupid she forgot her

The Three Maid Sisters


      There is a castle in the Village of Cadia, a beautiful village with the finest resources. Cadia is a garden in England with a huge population and a large monarchy. The royals of the kingdom have a huge reputation and a large stash of gold. 


      In the castle of Cadia, three sisters worked as maids for the royals. They had no reputation and they were ordered to clean many things, such as the silver tiles on the floor or the king’s throne. The girls' names are Maple, Peach, and Oak. 


      Maple has a logical and down-to-earth personality. She often worked for hours and she was the one who always said, “No, Peach,  you can’t go to the party, you only own dirty clothes!” or “Oak, don’t touch that throne, or else the king will punish you!” 


      Peach has a more wild personality. You wouldn’t want to mess with her! She is a mule-head who disobeyed and threw fits. Therefore, Maple always hid Peach in the cellar during parties because of how abusive and disobedient she could be!  


       And me? I’m Oak. The youngest of the maid sisters. The more dreamy and persistent one. I wish to become something much greater than some  maid! Maybe a nurse…. maybe a royal… but those dreams seem so far away.


     At least, they seemed far away until I heard the news of the murder. A knight who guarded the Kingdom of Cadia was killed. “We don’t know how,” the queen announced. “But his body was found last night.”


     The whole village was roaring with the thought of a murderer in their beloved land of Cadia. We have no devices or systems to spread messages around, but in Cadia, gossip was very easy to spread. Fear covered the village like a blanket on a baby. 


     “Maybe I can find out who the murderer is!” I announced proudly to my sisters. 


     “In your dreams, Oak! Aren’t you supposed to be scrubbing the dishes?” Peach said to me. 


     “Oak, you are so unrealistic. You are a maid, not a detective.” Maple reminded me.


     Gee, sometimes my sisters could be so encouraging! But I ran to the kitchen to wash the pots, pans, and plates.


     The next day, I wake up from my bed at dawn. Maple and Peach were still sleeping. That’s good for me! I sneak out of the cellar, to Dining Room No. 8, and out the door.  Right away, I find a bow and arrow by the door. It was laying on the ground, almost hidden by the plants, but still a bit easy to see. I pick it up. 


     My first clue! I thought. I’m officially a detective! I almost run to tell Peach when I remember what they said to me. 


     In your dreams! So unrealistic!


          Maybe it’s not a good idea to tell. I pick up the weapon and sneak

out to the village. It looks so poor compared to the castle! It’s much better than the cellar, though. I imagine living in a home like that, having a dog, and being loved by my parents. 


       I walk through the village to investigate the body. I can’t seem to find it, and people stare at me as I’m walking.


     “Why is that girl in dirty clothes, Mommy?” a little boy asks his mother. 


     “Don’t talk about people, Jay!” the mother scolded.


     I am so persistent to find the body that I don’t care what other people are saying about me. After a long walk around the village, I hear a voice in a small trailer. Curious, I lean my ear against the wall to listen. 


      “We will never find a place to hide it! They already found it!” a high, scrawny voice argues. Then, I hear a low, gruff voice. “But I already stole the body back.” says Gruffy. “We can still hide it.”


     Scrawny makes a loud groan, as if he was extremely irritated. “The boss is already so angry! And if we hide it, they will search for it! Use your brain, knucklehead!”


     I hear Gruffy approach Scrawny by the sound of his footsteps. “What’d you call me?!” he barks.


      Scrawny whimpers and I hear his footsteps back away from Gruffy. “Nothing,” he mutters under his breath.


     “That’s what I thought!” Gruffy replies back.


     After a long moment of whimpering and yelling even more, Scrawny sighs and says, “We’ll act like we care about the dead knight. Nobody will suspect that we’re in on it. Deal?”


     I couldn’t hear what Gruffy said, but by the sound of his voice, I could tell that he agreed. Right when I was about to peek through the window, Gruffy and Scrawny’s footsteps were approaching the door. Uh-oh. I quickly dive to the nearest bush to hide.


     Peeking from the thorny leaves, I eavesdrop on Scrawny and Gruffy a bit more. “C’mon!” Scrawny says to the huge figure of which I assume is Gruffy. “We gotta go, big guy.” And then they were gone.


     Phew! I sneak out of the bush and inhale. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath. When I look at my arm, I find that I’m bleeding. The blood is dripping everywhere. I quickly rolled down my sleeve. That way, my sisters won’t find out that I left the castle. 


      Oh, I’m such an idiot! I thought. They already know! I’ve been gone for hours! Then I ran to the castle (not needing to worry about the knight guarding it— because there isn’t one) and entered slowly and quietly.


       Luckily, the king wasn’t in his throne, so I snuck to the kitchen, doing the dishes like always. Maple walks right by and frowns at me. Peach mouths She’s mad at you! and mopped the tiles right as she was walking past me. 


      I guess I was caught. But I can lie out of it! I am a very good liar, and never did I have a lie which was not caught by my sisters. 


     After I finish with the dishes, the chef says I could leave. I smile at him and leave the kitchen to the cellar. 


       When I’m there, Maple and Peach growl at me. “Tell me everything.” Maple says.


      I stare at the ground to back up to her again. “I was washing the dishes!” I say. Maple stares.


“We know you weren’t! We never saw you this morning!” Peach argues.


    Oh, what’s the point! I can’t lie to my sisters. “I snuck out.” I say.


“We already got that.” Maple said. “But where, and why?”


     Tears fill my eyes as I tell them everything: from walking through the village and the conversation between Scrawny and Gruffy.


     When I finish, I stare at Maple and Peach. At first, they had shocked expressions, but then they started laughing. 


     “Oh, Oak! You were always the dreamy one! The one who’s like, ‘I can be someone better than a maid.’ I remember being that when I was 9. Peach was always like, ‘I can conquer the universe!’ But look at us now. We’re nothing! Just maids in a cellar! You can’t be anything better than that.” Maple said.


      I blush fiercely as I correct Maple. “I’m 10!” I say. 


“Whatever!” Peach says. “We will die as maids for a castle. Nothing you can do about it.”


      “It’s not fair.” I argue, but Maple stops me.


“It’s time to get some rest.” And just like that, a new day had begun.


      Again, I wake up at dawn to find the murderers. I can’t attract attention this time, so I brush my hair with a gold fork I stole from the kitchen (I have much more, just you wait!). I brush off the dust on my face and hurry along the door.


     I walk to the same spot in Cadia as I did the last time. The trailer is right next to me now. I lay my ear against the back of the trailer to listen. 


        “Where is the body?” Scrawny asks. “Where’d ya put it?”


         “In our closet.” Gruffy replies.


         “That’s great. I’ll meet ya in the barber’s shop, 5 pm.”


      Those words give me a great idea. I’ll bring the royals to the barber shop at 5 pm, show them the murderers, and they’ll get arrested. I will finally become much more than a maid!


     Quickly, I ran to the castle to tell the royals and my sisters. Nothing can stop me now! I picture myself in new clothes, a new bedroom, and praise from all over Cadia. I can just hear their voices now! “This is the child who found the murderers…” 


        Suddenly, I feel a hand grab the back of my cloth. “Lemme go!” I shout, but it’s pointless.


          When I turn around, I see Gruffy’s strong grip on the collar of my old dress. Scrawny is right beside him. “You won’t be goin’ anywhere, child.” 


     I try to struggle right out of his grip, but he’s holding me too tightly. There’s no way I could escape. Screaming will only make things worse, because they must have a murder weapon!


     All of a sudden, I see my sisters, the royals, the chefs, and technically everyone in the castle walk towards us. Scrawny and Gruffy quickly let go of me. I didn’t matter anymore to them. It’s finally game over. 


      The king was the first to speak. “We know you are the murderers. Young Oak was very helpful in finding you criminals.” I smile in pride in front of the royals. 


     The queen continued. “The duchess had confessed in fear that she was your boss when Oak’s sisters told us everything. You are under arrest.


     Oak, thank you finding these criminals. You and your sisters will be awarded many stashes of gold. From now on, you are Cadia’s detective!”


     The villagers of Cadia all clapped and cheered! I couldn’t believe my eyes. All my dreams were now coming true. The duchess, whom everyone calls Lady Gretel, was arrested. Scrawny and Gruffy were arrested along with her. I found out that their names were Ronald and Dan. 


     What happened next? I got all the gold I wanted. I no longer had to wear ugly clothes and I got to attend parties! My sisters were gifted with the same things. Our rooms were lovely! They had big furniture and I no longer stole things from the kitchen. 


      That’s my story. The End





commented Mar 30, 2020 by ~Purple~ (32,660 points)
That’s really good! I like how you really made it have a medieval feel.
commented Apr 1, 2020 by Awesome Space Kitten (4,740 points)

I love your story!!!!in_love

commented Dec 12, 2020 by magicharrypottergal (15,630 points)
WOW love how you set it in england!
+2 votes
answered Mar 30, 2020 by Coffee Cake
i am working on it
commented Mar 30, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
Excuse muah, that ‘ain’t me!



(I’m still doing the contest btw, just pointing out that that Coffee Cake is not me Coffee Cake)

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