Otherworldy Ending Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


Staril’s POV (Star)


“You know the light that guides the way,” I could hear a low, steady familiar voice wander in the shadows.

“You think it’s so easy to get rid of me. Look…” and the presence there once was had stopped and utter stillness had came across the cave. The only thing I could hear drops of water, and even that was from an unknown source. I could feel my ‘whiskers’ tickling, as I felt it knowing something I didn’t. I moved my tail around from the stress of being in this dark, gloomy cave alone. My last resort was to call for Knight.

The cave was cold as I shivered, I laid down and I silently waited for someone to come. Every now and then I would whimper or cry, tear—human tear—would fall down my horse-like face as I fell fast asleep.


Star! Quick! Are you okay?! STAR!”


I could feel my very body moving as I opened my eyes slightly, still tired and a light had shone in my face. The first thing I recognized was the fire lit by a torch, fire? Then I saw Knight, a scruffy man leaning down, petting me gently as he saw I had wakened up. “Are you okay? We have to move quickly, you know their coming.” I hear him say, my legs felt weak, but I knew I had to get up. I looked around me: I wasn’t in that cold, damp wretched cave anymore. I was in my room for the old hotel. The same dusty room with blue walls, the paint peeling off from every direction.

My eyes moved around everywhere, the room wasn’t that small. It wasn’t slim either, let’s just say it was big enough to fit a stallion like me. Stallion? Where have I heard that before? It wondered my mind for a while, I hadn’t really figured out though. In room there was a twin sized bed for Knight, I was sleeping on the floor with many covers that had dried blood on it. The only thing after that had crossed my mind was, what about the children?

I needed to check on them, and what about the strange dream I had?

“Hey, I’m hungry Knight. Would you mind if I go check on the kids, Bea and John?” I asked Knight, him sitting on the twin sized bed with a grin. “Sure,” he hesitated with that sure. The window was wide open, nothing like the real world: my world. I felt a slight breeze come through the window, it was cold but rather refreshing. I left room, looking at the room numbers. I finally found their room numbers. I knocked on their door, I tried to act confident, happy and not considered for our very safety, but it bothered me to the core.

Beatrice slightly opened the door as she peered out.

“Yes?” I heard her voice break, right behind her was John looking over her.

“I just wanted to know if you were okay, is that fine?” I asked, she widely opened the door. I could see their full bodies, and Beatrice’s frail body. It reminded me of my own frail body, when I was human. I so desperately needed that potion, a temptation to abandon those kids ached me to the core. I could barely breath to thought of it, it was a rock in my stomach.

I galloped inside their room, a completely white room and it was awfully cold. “So, Beatrice, where are we going next?” I asked, all I wanted to really know is when are we leaving. I could tell in twos faces they didn’t want to continue. Beatrice starched her hair, her straight, brown hair. “I don’t know, how about a forest? For now, we’ll just get all we can for camp,” she said. She didn’t know anything about this world. It concerned me about ogres, elves, and all else things that could cast a spell on us.

I heard John whisper something, though I couldn’t catch it.

“What was that, John?”

“Oh, pardon me but, shouldn’t we go to Dwarf Woods?” he asked. Dwarfs; those wretched things. Their violent and ever so cruel. Drunkards, the most of them. I could only nod, I wanted to leave this up to them. “Your right, are those nice woods?” Beatrice was innocent to this world, she didn’t know anything about whatever was out there. My brown eyes moved to John, biting his lips. I’m sure he knew about the quest to get there.





“Oh, Starlit, please come here! You don’t want to die down that well?” a woman behind the young girl held on her dress as she looked down at well, yelling down it with no concern in the world. Her voice echoed, she could hear her mother in the background yelling for her to get away from the well. She could only care a little by falling. It was so dark, she didn’t expect it to be so deep. Until, she fell. The world went around her, her stomach couldn’t handle it. She could feel the pressure, she could feel her falling into another dimension.


A/N: So, I wanted to make another chapter to this. I wanted to see my improvement. I wrote this in 10 minute, so it was rushed like all the other ones. But rushed improvement am I, right? (echoes)

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answered Jan 22 by KITTEN (618,220 points)
Even though it was rushed, I think it is just as good as your other writing pieces. Also a little sad.
commented Jan 29 by im kanye (371,470 points)
Lol, I def improved from this, I should post the chapters of my new book...maybe
commented Jan 29 by KITTEN (618,220 points)

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