Do you have a celebrity crush??!!! [Valentines Day Special!!]

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asked Feb 14 in Books / General by im kanye (372,780 points)

Do you? I have or had a few. Post a picture if you want of your celebrity crush. I had a crush on Orlando Bloom when I was nine and Asa Butterfield (I think that's his name), and Peter Pan (2003) when I was four. Now, I like this actor (here's a picture of him.) He'S oNlY 26 sHhHhH hE's nOt tHaT mucH oLdEr tHeN mE uGh

Here's the actor of Peter Pan, he was young here. He's not that bad of looking, he's just not my type now LOL. I prefer dark hair tbh. I also though Blaise from Harry Potter was cut for movie that he was in. hE hAd a MysTeRious vIbE sHuT iT

Not going to talk about Orlando Bloom because Gem might murder me XD so who are yours??? HAPPY VALENTINES! I'm just going to go on  imaginary dates with my celebrity crushes LOL

commented Sep 17 by CuteMuffin
Zach Efron, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jordan and Sam Mikulak. My pre teen hormones are raging!

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answered Sep 16 by WelshTerriersss (15,730 points)
I have two celeb crushes. These are:


Sean Astin
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answered Jun 21 by human

hmmmmm I have wayyyyy too many celebrity crushes

Real celebrities 

  • Emma Watson
  • Megan Fox
  • Saoirse Ronan
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Alexis Bledel
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Paul Rudd
  • Jessie Paege
  • Lucy LaForge (when she had blue hair)
Not real people but still technically celebrities
  • Elsa, Anna and Honeymaren from Frozen
  • Luna, Hermione and basically everyone from Harry Potter
  • Rosa, Amy and Jake from Brooklyn 99
  • Princess Peach and Princess Rosetta from Super Mario
  • Hayley from Greenhouse Academy
  • Mia and Ezra from Two Can Keep A Secret
  • Annabeth, Thalia and Percy from Percy Jackson (I haven’t read Heroes of Olympus yet so idk if any of them are cute don’t spoil it lol)
they’re all so much older than me and there are so many... iM sUpeR hOrMonAL I caNt HaNdlE THe cUteNeSs oK
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answered Jun 21 by Kat
HMMMM...Shawn Mendes
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answered Jun 20 by nyan_pug
I think Pearce joza is cute❤ but wait can I tell u guys something? My friend, let's just call her, idk, beatrice. So, beatrice is so in love with this one character from this anime show, I forget the name. But anyway, she is so in love with that anime charachter, she KISSES THE DANG TV SCREEN WHEN EVER HE'S ON CAMERA
commented Jun 30 by im kanye (372,780 points)
i do the same LOL
commented Jul 13 by Nyan_pug

LOL o and btw.... AARRRRGGGHHH I THINK MILO MANHEIM IS CUTE!!!!!! *face turns tomato red*in_lovefear

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answered Jun 6 by LunaLight (97,060 points)
Does anime count? If not, yeah I got nothing.
commented Jun 8 by im kanye (372,780 points)
commented Jun 8 by LunaLight (97,060 points)
Let's start the list of anime and WebToon crushes because I am practically anisexual-

Yuri, Angel, from Angel Beats,

Misa from Charlotte,

Shino Asada from SAO,

Verose from Freaking Romance,

Laito Sakamaki (yes it is a guy, yes I am gay, no I dont freaking know why he is on this list),

Rachael Gardner from Angels of Death,

Akame from Akame Ga Kill (also, THEY KILLED BIG BRO!!!),

Emai from Nightmare Factory,

Shino from No Game No Life,

Star from SvtFoE
commented Jun 9 by im kanye (372,780 points)
tHaT's nOt aNiMe

commented Jun 9 by LunaLight (97,060 points)
I know but... IT GOOD ENOUGH XD
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answered Jun 6 by -GEMHeart- (283,020 points)
I may murder you LOL
commented Jun 8 by im kanye (372,780 points)
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answered Jun 6 by this user is retired (628,760 points)
commented Jun 6 by im kanye (372,780 points)
u answered twice
commented Jun 7 by this user is retired (628,760 points)
i need pointz
commented Jun 8 by im kanye (372,780 points)
commented Jun 8 by this user is retired (628,760 points)
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answered Jun 5 by Ur mom
I'm so in love with Michael b Jordan omg
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answered Feb 16 by lunalovegoodmolly (312,140 points)
I wouldn't call it a crush but.... I think Zac Efron is really cute.
commented Jun 11 by im kanye (372,780 points)
I think Zac Efron is cool! I like a few others too kind of. I'm not a fan of those type of guys though, but still ideal.
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answered Feb 14 by Lemony The Bean (107,510 points)
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I don’t really have any celeb crushes, if I had to pick one I’d pick CodySimpson I guess, I like blond/blue eyes.... or Kappa from Castle Swimmer even tho he 20 or somethin he so fluffin cute
commented Feb 14 by im kanye (372,780 points)
cool! my type is more of hazel/brown eyes and brown/black messy hair haha.
commented Feb 14 by Lemony The Bean (107,510 points)
Lol yeah. I also like chestnut hair/eyes. If he had the personality I like, though, I wouldn’t care about looks.
commented Feb 15 by im kanye (372,780 points)

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