Celebrating 600K points and my 2 Kidztalk anniversary! [poll]

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asked May 11, 2020 in 500,000 Points Club by Pumpkin (747,940 points)
Dear friends,

Although I registered here two years ago, I became active a year ago. In the past year I have earned 600,000 points and given out 2,300 answers and 2,000 comments (I asked about 250 questions). I've voted up 20,000 questions and answers(I've recieved 8,000 upvotes)! And boast 90,000 Kidznet points with 110 pages of posts and thousands of comments. I wrote two wikipedia articles for kidzsearch, designed the Kidztalk logo, founded the magazine and achieved the #1 overall rank on kidztalk. (I also have the most points out if all kidzsearch when combining kidztalk and kidznet points to a total! Not trying to brag...)

 But really, numbers and statistics don't tell the whole story of my past years here on this playform. I've had big fights here and some dark times (to the point where I felt lime an outcast here) but the great thing is that I always boince back and most people are willing to set aside their anger and forgive and forget. First I'd like to take a moment to thank KS for this great platform and your great service that you provide with integrity. Now I'd like to thank all of my friends who have supported me through thick and thin for the past two years. You are all true friends. And even though we've never met in real life, you're all a part of my heart.
❤ Signed With Love,



Poll: do you consider the kidzsearch community to be a tight-knit community with a beating heart of friendship?
I agree that kidztalk is a tight-knit community of friends and a special place on the web! (8 votes, 100%)
No, Kidztalk is just yet another forum. (0 votes)

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answered May 12, 2020 by lunalovegoodmolly (323,330 points)
Best answer
Thanks!! Congrats! Love, LLM

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