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Chapter 1: A grimm start Hi i’m Joseph Grim but people call me Jo or Joey you can call me joey i stand at 6 foot tall. I have a great great great ok lots ... !” yelled Elinor “ I will pick Elinor why don't you go first.” I say

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A deme texes Hi i'm himmel åska the son of thor and Januari aska. My name means sky thunder when I was 10 I saw my dad thor die from a snake bite. I have ... "ok" said himmel but it was to late the readers get inside. "get out" yelled himmel

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We will meet on kidz search every Friday. Here is how it works... I will say clues. And type what you think is is. And I will type who wins each Friday. I will call you by the name you type on kidz search. Good luck!!! Everyone. Have fun!!!

answered Dec 17, 2018 in KidzSearch News
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Almost all my friends have a boyfriend, or has been asked out... but i havent Am i just ugly, well, i have been asked out by guys MUCH older than me. But thats gross and ... my friends (who is a girl and im straight) asked me out augh what do I do?!

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Knight Star: Queeny: gemmy: mouse637: me:

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I will be posting a new story

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Knight's chapter of Silens will be posted soon, and I will post right after I read her's so we can get back on track for the story ... approved at this time but I will try to release the first chapter in Jan.! ;)

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Do any of y'all have popcorn?

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I been here for one week, and I'm ranking 18.

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thaks for takeing my quiz

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1 upvote AND answer from each of you, and luna gets to be loved. before choosing listen and watch this: The Moon Rises for those wondering, in lumbra luna est is in the shadow of the moon east, romainian, and nocte is tonight, italian.

answered Oct 19, 2018 in Luna's My Little Pony Club

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