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Silence fell, as well as the darkness. A spotlight shone on me, tied to a chair, in the middle of the room. Shrills of laughter rung in my ears as I struggled to loosen my capture.


   Light appeared, and I noticed large crowds of students, people I went to school with and other kids, pointing and laughing at me with their taunting smirks. And then, I opened my eyes and sat up. But only to discover that it was all a dream.


   "Shelbie!" A voice rang from the bottom of he staircase. "Get down here! You're gunna be late for school!" Ugh. There was no other place which I dreaded most.


   I dressed in a black Rolling stones shirt, denim shorts, black leggings, black boots with silver studs, and a black leather jacket with a silver zipper. I brushed my curly reddish-orange hair and parted it to the right. Sigh. "Today's gunna be a real long day."


   I hopped down the steps, turning into the kitchen. "Wow, Bryan. I didn't expect you to be up this early. Usually takes you like six alarm clocks," I spat at my brother, who choked down milk at the table. My sister Haley sat at the barstool acting all neat and fancy.


   His ONLY comeback was just rolling his eyes at people. I frowned for the seventh time that morning. "Whatever. Let's just get to school, or we're going to be late," Haley grabbed her backpack and rushed out the door, not giving me enough time to throw my black and silver-studded bookbag over my shoulder before slamming it in my face.


   The wait for the bus didn't take as long as it usually does this morning. But as I boarded it, I noticed that my best friend Winter wasn't sitting in our usual spot. In fact, she wasn't there at all!


   Instead, I sat waay in the back, across from some other person. Great, another new face. Everybody needs that in the middle of the year, when they were finally JUST getting to know everyone there. I thought to myself. 


   At school, the new kid was introduced. Apparently his name was Will. "Winter! There you are! Why weren't you on the bus this morning?" I whispered to her from across the room.


   She folded a piece of paper from on her desk that had been scribbled on already, and flew it under the desks to mine with such accurate precision that it scared me. I picked it up and read what was inside.

i am sorry i wasnt on the bus this morning..i had stuff to handle. I missed the bus and it was either walk or take my little hermana's bike. that thing is extremely kiddy, and theres no way id be caught DEAD riding it.

~winter Gomez


   I scribbled back and just gave the thing to her because the class was dismissing. "Why don't you just tell me?" she asked, confusedly. I groaned. "Because, I already wrote you back by the time we had to leave, and I am NOT going to waste a perfectly good shrivel of notebook paper,"


   I replied. "Shelbs, you crack me up. Anyways; check out the newbie!" I peered over at Will. "Yeah, I saw him on the bus. Across from our seat." I replied lifelessly. "Let's just get to our lockers before the bell rings," Winter replied. I smiled. "Yeah; I can't afford to get another tardy. I'm on the verge of detention."









   I grabbed an apple from my locker and  somehow managed not to get any shoved in between my braces.  My eyebrows scrunched up like inchworms at the thought of the oncoming day.











closed with the note: There's no definite reason for quiting this book...not necessarily QUITING, I just feel like maybe I could change some of the situations like family-wise, and fix some other stuff. Like for instance, Shelby wasn't meant to be such a "downer" as she seems, so I'd like to freshen her up a bit as well.

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Good! I like the words, and the detail!
commented Aug 1, 2016 by rae (87,390 points)
thanks! I've always wanted to write an action story, but I've never gotten around to it! Chapter two is in the oven!

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