The Story of Emily Grace: Chapter Five: Rematch?

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I was walking down the stairs toward the source of the gun, heard another gunshot. I ran, he caught up, another gunshot-

      "WAKE UP!" My aunt yelled at me waking me from my flashback/nightmare. "You're gonna be late for school!" My aunt said as I started getting up. "Oh no, wouldn't want that." I said sarcasticly. "No need for the sarcasm, Emily. Get ready for school," My aunt said as she left my room.

     I got ready and my aunt drove me to school. When I got there the whispers started again like yesterday, the looks, and again I ignored it and went to my class and sat in my seat.

    Monica sat down at another seat with her pink squad following. Apperently she didn't want a repeat of yesterday. Kids started filling the class room, choosing the farthest seats from me as they could, Maya sat next to me."Hey Emily!" Maya said to me in her over-excited way. "Hey," I said not caring much.

    When class was over (skipping cuz who the heck wants to hear about school classes? - Luna) I started walking out of the class room. When I went to my locker a note fell out saying :

"Meet me behind the school when class are over, for a REAL fight, punk"

- Monica

    "Pretty girl wants a black eye? So be it" I thought in my head, then Maya came over. "Heyo!" She said. "What's the note?" she asked. "Oh. nothing" I lied so she wouldn't know, but she looked right through me. "Monica wants another fight?" She asked. I stared at her wondering her she guessed that, then she answered my thoughts. "Monica will do a rematch for anyone who gets away with making her look anything less than perfect." Maya continued. "Got it. And I'm fighting" I said as I tried to walk away. "No no no no no. Your not. Your not getting in trouble again. Just show the note to a teacher!" Maya argued. "I'm not a coward," I said. Silence for a moment. "How about we do a plan that doesn't make you a coward, but also doesn't get you in trouble?" Maya said like she had a plan, which she in fact did.

BOOM! CLIFF HANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asked Feb 6 in Other by Emily/Luna/Fallen Dark Angel

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Awesome chapter, Luna! Good job!
answered Feb 6 by Knight Star (263,300 points)
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Lovez!!!! WITH A Z!!!
answered Feb 6 by -GEMHeart- (227,320 points)
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I'm working pretty hard on this series, I appreicate the support guys! This series to me, is like  fracture is to Gem, pretty important!
;) Yep, Frac/Ture is very important to me! ;D
I know it is. You have at least 100 posts about it a KidzNet, you opened a second account on there just to talk about Frac/ture, I'd say it's pretty important to you.
That makes me sound like a fangirl XD

I can get crazy about my stuff! i'll try to tone it down tho.

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