The Wise Man that built his house on the rock, And the stupid man Who built it on the sand.

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asked Sep 18, 2019 in The Order of Snickerdoodles by Snickerdoodles
This is a parable that Jesus taught to His People. It went something like this:

There was once a man who wanted to build his house on a beach. He was going to build it on the sand, But he noticed it would be too soft. He looked to his right and saw a strong big, And supportive rock. Just as he was going to it he saw the Stupid man. He said:" Oh Boy!!!!!! it will be easy to build My house here." "Sir" Said the wise man, "I don't think that would be a good idea." "WHY!!!!!!!" "well, We're on a beach as you know.If the high tide comes in it'll wipe away your house. To top that off, Your house is on not very supportive sand. It'll fall over." "But soft sand is what i need! It will be easy to build here." "Okay! Don't blame me if you drown. So the Wise man climbed his rock and started working. The Stupid man started too. Within the hour he finished. The Wise man Was still braking the rock for his house. The Stupid Man got a Stupid Idea. He poked his head out of his house."Hey Neighbor!" "yes?" "I'm Done, But your not!" He Laughed at the wise man. Eventually In a few days the wise man's house was finished. That same day a storm came. The stupid man was happy."Oh Boy!!!!!! A storm!!! Sea storms are awesome to watch. Suddenly the water kicked in and Destroyed his house. The stupid man drowned. The wise man and his house remained perfectly fine.

The Wise man Represented Christians. They built there lives on the Rock,Jesus Christ. The Stupid man Represented Non Beleivers. They built there house on a false god whitch will end in a mess.(I mean no offence to non beleivers.

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answered Sep 18, 2019 by pumpkin (669,280 points)
Great classic parable!

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