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asked Oct 15, 2020 in Mental Health by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
Please please please, check up on the “Happy friend” in your friend group every once in a while... It’s really tiring sometimes, just being the sun for your friends, checking up on them and making sure they’re all right, when nobody checks up on you. Me and my friend are both kind of like that for our respective groups, and we really alone sometimes we almost fight over “I want you to be happy more than me, no, I want YOU, it just goes to show. Some of my friends genuinely think I’m happy all the time... it’s not true. I have days of anxiety, days when I feel trapped, just like anyone else. Bear this in mind please.
commented Oct 20, 2020 by kyla
omg. i need this. tysm. that’s so awesome

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