Bye for now

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asked Mar 2 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (122,460 points)
Heya everybody! I've seen a couple people asking where I've been, so here's the answer to that question!


My parents don't think this is a good site for me to be on anymore. I don't know why so please don't ask me. Kidzsearch has always been my safe haven and I hope I'll get to return soon. For now though, I will be asking my parents to approve my KidzArt Beta request, and hopefully PM  Gemmy on KN for her email if she, KS, and my parents are okay with that.

I really hope this isn't my last goodbye to this place but if it is I hope I'm remembered well.

I'd like to thank a couple people (jeez, this sounds like a graduation speech)

Thanks to Jellyfishlover, for being my first KidzTalk friend

Thanks to GemHeart, for being amazingly supportive and a great person to talk to

Thanks to LunaLight, for emphathizing with me and helping me figure out some tough life stuff

Thanks to Kitten, for always being a positive influence and overall making this site wonderful

Thanks to KnightStar for being tremendously funny and a good friend

And finally, thanks to KidzSearch for making this amazing site!

I would post some art as a goodbye as I think I've been progressing nicely but I'm on my ChromeBook as my phone already has KidzSearch blocked.

I'd like everyone who sees this post to remember  that they are needed, loved, and deserve to be here on this earth. I love every single one of you so much.

You can use the hashtag #stayforlinden to remind yourself that you have reasons to stay on this Earth. Stay for the beautiful sunrise, for soft blanket hugs, for fresh snowfall, for singing in steamy showers, for laughing until your sides hurt. #stayforlinden.

I'll leave with two things. Hopefully KidzSearch approves this.

My YouTube. It doesn't have any videos but hopefully I'll be able to post soon. .... For safety purposes and so Kidzsearch knows, I will not be face-revealing.

I hope my memory ages well.


commented Mar 10 by AnimalCrossingFan
Wait YouTube channel?

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answered Mar 3 by PrincessJelly (52,890 points)
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Oh no! Hopefully you’re able to come back, love! You’ve always been there for me, and I don’t think you know how much I appreciate you. Heck, I don’t think the smartest person in the world even knows! We will be waiting with open arms, ready to welcome you back if able to. You will be greatly missed my dear. I remember the first convo we had, talking abt coffee cake. If you aren’t able to come back, just know that you will forever hold a place in my heart. I love you, Linden. Nice name, btw!

-your friend, Jelly
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answered Mar 10 by AnimalCrossingFan
NOOO UR LEAVING!? NOOOOOOO! Well bye:( I hope u don't leave FOREVER!
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answered Mar 10 by PocktRobotic


You will always stay as a part of kidztalk's history.
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answered Mar 10 by L e t s c h a t t o d a y 1 2 3 4 5

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answered Mar 4 by JD2005

Oof... Goodbye, Lemony! I didn't get the chance to know much about you, since I'm not an active/registered KT user. But you'll be missed. I hope that your parents will understand and you'll be able to come back here soon! sad_smile


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answered Mar 3 by BlueBoy3000 (240 points)




(i never knew you, I just joined.)
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answered Mar 3 by ~Ash~ (70,650 points)
Bye :(
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answered Mar 3 by Pumpkin (696,010 points)
Goodbye for now, Lemony. Kidztalk won't be the same without you. Have a good life
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answered Mar 3 by Ammy-k (40,350 points)
I don't know why, but this made me smile. I didn't know you very well when you were on here .often, by I do feel an inspired to do something. I'm not sure what, but I will think about it until later.  Life moves on, and so do we, by I will remember you for a long time! Goodbye!
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answered Mar 3 by -GEMHeart- (290,400 points)
Oof. Yes, just message me on KN and I will give you my email! This is really sad ;(

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