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asked Jul 31, 2020 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (121,180 points)
Heyo, it’s me Lemony!

This has all been so confusing to me but as y’all have been able to help me in lots of other things, I hope you can help with this too!

I think I may have anxiety. I don’t have panic attacks, but I have had a history of worry problems since i was 2 or 3. My first year in school, I had the traumatic (i mean, in the big picture it was probably nothing but as an anxious, noise sensitive child it was honestly terrifying) experience of having a fire drill happen when I was in the bathroom. I honestly can still feel how scared I was and actually whenever a fire alarm goes off I still freak out and sometimes almost cry. After that happened, for the whole first year of school I had the worst anxiety when useing the bathroom at school. I used it right before I left and right when I got home, and if i absolutely had to at school it wasn’t before a meltdown and forcing the teacher to tell me that there wasn’t gonna be a fire drill and her holding the door open while i used to bathroom. On multiple occasions i had full-blown panic attacks, and whenever a fire drill happened I couldn’t think straight for the rest of the day. Also, I’ve heard that anxiety manifests in stomach problems in young kids, I always used to complain about nausea in pre-k up until about 2nd grade, my teachers got exasperated when I went to the nurse and she said I was fine, but really I didn’t feel fine. I don’t really get panic attacks anymore, but last school year it started to manifest more and I had multiple panic attacks, I don’t think anyone really knew though because I hide them, I vividly remember one on the bus on the way back from a field trip, I felt a little sick, and everything was too loud and too bright, I couldn’t finish the school day and had to wait in the nurses office. I know all of these are big pointers for anxiety but somewhere inside of me there’s a little voice telling me that I’m faking it, faking it all, because i don’t get panic attacks a lot, I’m not visibly anxious, and I feel like if i told my parents they and my doctors would just dismiss it cause I don’t show my symptoms outwardly. What should I do?

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answered Jul 31, 2020 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
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Ok, so I had the same bathroom problems when I was little (still have them). I would be very afraid of getting locked inside, I almost never went to the bathroom at school. When I was in like 2nd grade, I would be terrified if thunderstorms. Every time I saw a thunderstorm approaching, it would feel like there were these knots in my stomach getting tighter and tighter. Like, literally rn there is a thunderstorm coming, and I’m already starting to freak out (one of my worst panic attacks happened bc of a rlly bad storm). So, in conclusion, yes I do think u have anxiety, and u should talk to a trusted adult about getting a therapist.
commented Aug 1, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (121,180 points)
Thanks sm for your advice Jelly! I have an appointment in a couple days, so I’ll be sure to tell my therapist about that <3

Omg, and you talking about thunderstorms made me remember this time in like 5th grade when a HUGE thunderstorm came and the power went out so i hid in a cubby and did my math work, thinking back on it it was kinda funny, and although i was scared the fact that i was just vibin inside a cubby was pretty funny so i laughed lol
commented Aug 1, 2020 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)

Np! Lol bout the thunderstorm, tho!download

commented Aug 2, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (121,180 points)
I’m gonna wait until the school year starts to ask about it, i feel like i wont be able to prove myself since i haven’t been as anxious this summer.
commented Aug 3, 2020 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)

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