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asked Feb 11 in Other by Midnight
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Post a arm and hand reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry, I can then imagine you guys as peoples better!!!!!!!!!LOLZ!!!!!!!!!

asked Dec 6, 2019 in Preteen /Tween Club by jellyfishlover (29,920 points)
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Would you like me to put personality quizzes, on my blog? If I get 5 likes I will if i don't I won't.

asked Jul 11, 2019 in Ask Cakelover by cakelover (3,190 points)
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What is (−10)+(−10)=? Try your best!

asked May 18, 2019 in Luna Star's ff Contest by OpalGemStar (55,960 points)
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i am trying to get the enlightened badge,can everypony who has had an answer from me turn it into a best answer? please and thank you.

asked Oct 21, 2018 in General Review Q&A by LunaLight (90,000 points)
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Me and gemmyheart are making a creative advise column. Any questions about any drawings and crafts can go to gemmy and i will take questions about reading and writing (and occasionally crafts). Hope you like our new column!

asked Oct 21, 2018 in Luna and Gemmy's Creative Kidz by LunaLight (90,000 points)
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my mom let me have my account YAY

asked Oct 3, 2018 in Personal by LunaLight (90,000 points)
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Did ya guys miss me? I doubt you guys remember me.

asked Jul 3, 2018 in Other by Twilight stardust ⭐ (24,300 points)
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Hi what’s up people

asked May 3, 2018 in AskTyler043007 by anonymous
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I haven't been apble to be on here for a long time I have been in Ohio and didn't have any WiFi it was fun I went to Amish country a few little boring restaurants ... and tablets in the walls it was so fun tell me if you guys want any more updates

asked Oct 8, 2017 in Shower Thoughts by DGK hearts
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i was in New Jersey and there was no wifi, but I'll try to make up for the time . Thanks!!!

asked Jul 2, 2017 in Other by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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