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So today a giant group of boys came over to me and my best friends ( Me: Fo Pete's sake, I want to finish my NACHOS!) Anyways. The giant group of guys (GGOG) handed me this note that was titled to Ja** from: (I'm calling him (the poet)). Turns out it was a love poem! Great! *Sarcasm*. It was something about how every moment that I've spent with him is like hot chocolate on a cold winter day ( I haven't even been in the same room as him since 3rd grade! ) And something about counting grains of san and the stars or whatever and how it would never amount to how much he loves me. EW GROSS. And ( creepy ) and IDK what to do because GGOG came over to me and asked me if I had read that not. ( I said no and that I would read it later ), but I had obviously already read it. And I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I'M GOING TO TELL HIM THAT I DON'T LIKE HIM!!!! I feel really bad. And I'm NOT telling him that I'm lesbian because 1 that could kill me and 2 I have a HUGE confrontation problem, so yeah.



Also I NEED this to be answered by Saturday because were going to school on Sunday!

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Just tell the truth.
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Jabber, you need to just take up all your courage, and tell him you like girls. You can't just keep going on pretending and not telling him that you don't like him. I say this from experience! Plus, being lesbian is something you have to be proud of, because it's the way you're made and you havtta own it.
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You have to tell him you don't like him. Tell him nice poem but you don't like him
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this situation sounds awfully familiar, this happened to me once but it went a little differently...

My advice is to just say that you are sorry and don't see him that way and that you can be friends, if you don't feel comfortable, then you don't need to tell him the reason.
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Hahaha ya that was a crazy day and we were just trying to enjoy our nachos why couldn’t we just have them in peace
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lol yeah!

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