LLM'S first video: Prank Calls by LLM Studio

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asked May 13 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (310,740 points)

*camera comes in on LLM sitting on her bed. Her hair is down and long and wavy. She is wearing jeans and a blue shirt. She is surrounded by books* 


LLM: *waves* Hello. This is technically my first video. Welcome or welcome back to the LLM Studio YouTube channel. For the record, I wanted to do a video in the recording studio today *raises voice* but Molly said I had to do a normal video first. 


M: *from off camera* I heard that! 


LLM: *yelling back* I thought you wanted today offf? 


M: I do!


LLM: So stop interupting. *directed back at camera* Sorry about that. 


*loud clatter in background* 


LLM: *ignoring noises* I promise you all today's video will be much more interesting than the last. Who wants to watch Molly sleep? 


LLM: *still talking* The last video so far only got 3 likes and 15 views, which is a disappointment. Please help us get even more this time! So you are probably wondering what we are doing today! 




*camera is back on LLM this time standing in a recording studio* 


LLM: *sitting down in a chair* Well I decided who cares what Molly thinks? Today's video is in the recording studio. So this is our home recording studio. One of my favorite places. And we are going to be making a few prank calls on some of my friends. This is best in the recording studio because we can broadcast or record. You will still get the video recording *eye roll* that Molly insists on. 


LLM: *dialing number* So first up is my friend who likes this kind of thing. She does not know this number though. 


C (caller): Hello? 


LLM: *in accented voice* Hi. I would like to order a pizza with extra pepperoni. 


C: *confused* What this isn't a pizza place? 


LLM: *hiding laughter* And an extra order of fries. 


C: *playing along* I'm sorry, miss, but we are out of fries. 


LLM: What about chips? 


C; none




C: A note that says *yelling* LLM STOP WITH THE PRANK CALLS. *hangs up* 


LLM: so that went good. 


*timer beeps* 


LLM: Dam it. That's all the time we have for today! PLEASE LIKE AND COMMENT! A new video will be coming your way soon!




LLM: And I meant Dam as in the Hover. 


*credits roll* 


Brought to you by LLM Studio of the KidzSearch International Broadcasting Network 


Check out the AG Type Show and the GH Type Show (discontinued) 




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answered Jun 13 by JD2005
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Great! Looking forward for another episode! :D
commented Jun 14 by JD2005
Thanks for choosing my answer as best. :)

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