Molly's Quarantine Vlog (LLM'S Day off Again) by LLM STUDIO

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LLM: *waves* This is Molly's show but I just wanted to give a quick note that we will still do most of our shows in a recording studio, but our show is going YouTube style! This was Molly's idea. She wanted video. We are still producing everything through the KidzSearch International Broadcasting Network. But, they said that we could do it through youtube live stream. Which is a good new thing. But, I am still gonna do our question and answer shows radio style. Our specials and vlogs (Molly's Idea) will be on our new LLM Studio YouTube channel. Well, so one with Molly's show because it is technically my day off. But, she still made me edit her video. Bye! 

A/N: What is said is true. I did this so I could do transcripts for videos instead of just sound. Mostly for Molly stuff. Hope you enjoy. 

*camera starts on back yard with Molly standing there* 

M (Molly): *standing on all fours infront of camera* Hey, guys! Today is LLM’s day off. And, I am proud to be the first one to post on out amazing new LLM Studio YouTube channel. I wanted it to be called something else. Ugh. She said we should keep it the same as the radio show. *eye roll* anywaUKy. Today will be me taking you through a day in my life! *sarcasm* yay! I won't blame you if you leave from bordeom. 

*LLM Studio Logo flashs across screen along with intro music*

M: *walking into house*

 *camera follows her* 

M: so first things first we are going to take a nap. Because what else can you do in quarantine. 

*camera goes to timelapse of Molly sleeping on a loveseat in a living room/library* 

*transition: 5 hours later* 

M: *outside of a door* *whispering* we are outside of LLM’S room right now. We are going to beg her to take us on a walk. One... Two... Three... *bursts door open* 

*a girl around the age of thirteen is laying on a bed with millions of stuffed animals and reading a book. She is wearing jeans and a blue ravenclaw tshirt. Name: LLM* 

M: *jumps on top of her* I'm vlogging. Take me for a walk. 

LLM: *faking annoyance* But it's my day off. 

M: you still have to walk me. 

LLM: Fine. Just meet me downstairs in 10 minutes. 

*transition reading 10 minutes later* 

*then time lapse of LLM and Molly going for a walk. Molly sniffs everything* 

*transition reading after the walk* 

M: Okay. So we don't have anything else for today. I promise the next vlog will be more exciting. Bye, humans and animals and aliens. 

*ending same as intro*

 *camera turns back on to LLM in a desk wit the background of her room* 

LLM: even if it was my day off, I had to edit. 

*credits roll* 


Produced by LLM Studio at the KidzSearch International Broadcasting Network 

Copyright: LLM Studio YouTube channel 

Written by LLM 

Sister Shows: 

AG's Type Show 

GH Type Show (discontinued)


A/N this is up to you. Comment something you would have written in the comments on YT and I will add them here. Hope you enjoyed!

commented Oct 16, 2020 by Bella news gal
Good job on your live stream molly!

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answered May 10, 2020 by forgxtten (52,490 points)
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I love it! Great job and I want to watch more of your videos soon!

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