LLM's Day Off by LLM Studio

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asked Nov 17, 2019 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (321,230 points)

M: Hey, LLM Studio listeners! As you may have heard, today is LLM's day off, so she decided to let me host a show! I am hoping to either make her made or make her really proud. Either would be fine. I thought, Mr. P has his own TV show. LLM won't let me do that, but she will let me have my own special radio  show every once and a while. 

M: Well. I am trying to get permission to visit a fandom, but that will take a while. But, instead I decided to take you all to the real world. 

*phone rings* 

M: *presses talk* Hello?

LLM: Do NOT take them to the real world. That is to risky for your first show. Gem would kill me if I let you. 

M: Isn't it supposed to be your day off?

LLM: Yes. I am at my house in KS Town listening to you mess up. 

M: Good to know. *hangs up* Since my goal is to make LLM mad maybe we will go to the real world. 

*phone rings*

M:*hits decline* So.... let's go to the master portal. 


*5 minutes later*

M: *on street* I have my travel recorder.*recorder is attached to her collar* People are giving me weird looks. *shouting at people* HAVEN'T YOU EVER SEEN A SHELTIE ON THE RADIO BEFORE!!!! 

Kid: Nope. 

M: *mumbling* Ugh, kids these days. 

People: *stares* 


*5 minutes later* 

M: *standing in a room with a big portal* I am in the house of the master portal. Just a few more minutes and I will be in the IRL world. *walks right into guard* 

G (guard): Awwwwww. Its a little cute sheltie! Do you want a treat?

M: What you looking at? 

G: Fine. No treats for you tho. What do you want anyway?

M: I want to go to the IRL world. 

M: Molly the Sheltie

G: Owner. 

M: lunalovegoodmolly

G: *checks list*

M: So can I go?

G: You can't go without Gem's permission, and your owner. 

M: Cats. I will just be on my way. *tries to sneak through portal* 


*1 hour later*

M: *in dog kennel* Well, if you were wondering what the KS Town dog jail looks like, you get a peek. If any of you want to bail my out please do. My bail is *gibberish* But I am proud to say I went down with a fight--

G: *looks through bars at Molly* Your owner is....


G: We will call her to bail you out if you don't wish to spend the night in jail. 

M: Fine. *whispers* She is gonna be mad. 


*30 minutes later* 


M: Hello to you too. And please don't use my IRL world name. 

LLM: *fumming* Can you imagine what it was like to be listening to your radio show live?

M: Kind of. 

LLM: *calmer* You really did ruin my day off. 

M: Okay. *whispers* YES I MADE HER MAD!!!

LLM: What did you just say?

M: Nothing. 


*20 minutes later*

M: *back in studio* I am glad LLM let me off easy and went home. But she did lock me in her. 

*rest of show is listening to Molly eat food* 

M: Well bye! See you next time! The next show will be with LLM. Let's hope she will let me do one of these shows again soon. Hope you enjoyed it!




Distributed by KidzSearch International Broadcasting Network


Recorded by LLM Studio


Written by LLM 


See our sistering type shows: The GH Type Show and AG's Type Show. 


See you next time!



A/N What should Molly do next time? 

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answered Nov 18, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (291,410 points)
Best answer
Awww, Loved it! Maybe Molly and the Producer could have an adventure XD
commented Nov 18, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (321,230 points)
She really dislikes the producer but still maybe. I love the producer tho. Lol. Maybe me and him will have a nice adventure
+1 vote
answered Nov 17, 2019 by forgxtten (52,590 points)
Lol! You did a great job LLM!

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