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I've been researching this stupid stuff for like 14 hours. Nothing. When will I be put outta my misery?! 

No, wait, no. I shouldn't have thought~said that. Now's not the best time for me to be even more stressed out. (Yeah that's right. I just made a twentyøne piløts reference.) 

  I close all my tabs on the computer and go sit on my turquoise bed, gazing at the palm tree leaves barely visible at the peak through my wall-length bedroom window. They swayed in the wind like reeds in a pond. "Hmmph," I sighed, deeply intrigued in my own thoughts. 

    My phone hummed a tweety bird sound for the twentieth time that hour. I lifted it slightly. Natali again. I still kinda feel bad at the way I'd talked to her yesterday. I mean, it  was kinda rude. 

      I read them over and over as I did last night, still not responding to them. Exactly ELEVEN messages in counting. The first few read things like:

Are u all right?

Woried bout ya lia

How ur doin aftr ystrdy :o 

Cya ltr. Gtg 4 some surfin ur welcome 2 cum if ya wanna

They basically consisted of things like that. If share more, but I'm too tired. I've already missed so much sleep. "I hope I'm not deblivious as to what these say for the lacking of sleep," I said to myself. 

   My messy bun was looking particularly messy this morning. Probably because I hadn't brushed my hair in two days. (Don't you judge me! *waves index finger*.) I heard a familiar sound pounding on the wooden divider of my room and the hallway. "So? The doorknocker returns?" I spun around, clicking the lock on my doorknob so my dad could enter. "Lia?!" Uh-oh...It sounds like I'm in trouble... 0:


Chapter Three:

Next Chapter:

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im sorta confused lol sorry
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You have to read the other ones. Look up the chapters to clarify.

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