Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 4:

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Silens I Chapter four

I was sitting by a girl, with yellow eyes and nicely cut black hair. I was silent, as Lucas just sat there too, blankly staring at the girl with his blue orbs. "Hi," the girl said, as I looked some-what disturbed. 

"Hello," Lucas said strongly, but I don't think he meant to be rude, "What is your name?" There was a slight moment of silence until she said, "You needn't be so mean," she rolled her eyes, as I did the same. I did realize her eyes were strangely yellow.

I finally decided to say something, "I'm Tom Malfoy," Indeed I said this confidently. Lucas did the same, stuttering, "I'm L-Lucas." Lucas was focusing on her, listening carefully. At the time, I was mildly impatient for the lunch trolley to come along. 

"I'm Asia Abernathy, but I'm adopted, so my mother is Luna Lovegood," I was slightly surprised, Luna Lovegood? Me and Tom could tell how nervous she was, and of course so was Lucas. 

"Y-you nervous?" Lucas finally didn't stutter the last word. "How can you tell?" I felt the hesitance in the girl's voice, but Lucas didn't answer, and neither did I. 

Finally, I had enough time waiting for the lunch lady. "When will the trolley lady be here? I want my Droobles gum," I almost slightly hissed at her. "Hey, don't blame me," she said, as I took it as defensive. "I don't control when the lunch lady comes and goes!" She yelled.

I laid quiet. I was never fond of behavior like this, only me being like this to other people. Though, I was never really spoiled, well, just a little. I calmed down slightly, leaning in, rudely saying, "What blood purity are you?" 

I expected her to say muggleborn, but strange enough I was utterly negative. "Pureblood," she said, "What about you?" 

"Pure," I lied. But, anyone with the right sense would believe me, I am a Malfoy after all. I was then dramatically proved wrong when she said, "Oh really? Whose your mum?" I would rather say my father, but I wouldn't dare speak of him. My father is a weakness I rather not talk about, to anyone. 

I didn't answer, but it didn't matter because Lucas came to save me. "So, what h-house are you hoping to I-into to?" I heard her sigh a little, but then say, "I...don't really care." It made me slightly wonder of her family was strict on being pure, but of course, I heard Luna Lovegood isn't at all.

"Just not Hufflepuff," she continued, "what about you two?" I was still annoyed at Asia, and in her voice she seemed annoyed too. 

"Slytherin," I said quickly, but Lucas's answer was cut off over the trains screeching, or maybe that was Asia's, I couldn't tell. 

"What's happening?" she bolted up, although me and Lucas had a rather slow reaction. "How am I suppose to know?" I said extremely annoyed. 

Asia slid open the compartment door, as a man at the end of the train. Asia looked unsure about the man, but certain he wasn't suppose to be there. 

She grabbed her wand, as she walked through the halls to see who was there. "Is she mental?!" I said out loud on accident, but that wasn't the matter now. 

Lucas closed his ears from all the people screaming, and the conductor yelling. I heard someone call for a teacher, as Asia took out her wand from her robe. 

She said a spell, but I couldn't hear from all the loud sounds. 

The man was about to spell some 5th years, as the completely froze. I couldn't see, but I heard a thump. 

After that, I didn't know what was going on mostly, until I heard Asia yell a spell. 

I defense, I used dark magic. Black and green colors ringed around my wand, pinning down the man. 

"Stop!" I heard, looking behind me to see Asia. She whipped her wand, yelling a spell of her own. "If you do that, he'll only try to get you next!" After that, she yelled her spell. I was greatly offended. 

The man was knocked out, and Asia seemed proud. "I got him!" she yelled, but I seemed unimpressed. The dark magic disappeared, and the conductor ran down with teachers, 

One said Asia's name, another fussed telling us to walk away from the man. 

We then all returned to our compartments, as I waited once more for the lunch lady to come and give me some Droobles gum.

Angrily, I yelled to Asia. "Are you mental?!" We both yelled at the same time, "Using dark magic?" she yelled. "Going after a man that you know whose gonna hurt you?!" I said. It wasn't like I cared about her or anything.

"D-don't do that a-again," Lucas whispered to someone, but I was too angry to know who. 

The rest of the ride was laid silent, as I was too busy chewing my gum. Asia munched on something, although I didn't know what.

Night came across, we were finally at Hogwarts. We pulled up to the station, as I yelled, "Were here!" I was so excited it felt like I couldn't breath. 

Hogwarts was lovely, a tall castle, anyone's dreams for certain. "Everyone, off the train, first years with me!" Someone shouted.

Asia, Lucas and I all stood up, as I was too excited I ran and left Lucas behind with Asia. 

I looked behind, seeing Lucas and Asia holding hands. I was a little weirded out, but he did need help, and I wasn't gonna help him.

A old, harry man named Hagrid led us to this big, cold river. I was up ahead, with some other students that looked like they might be sorted into Slytherin with me. 

I was grinning, as Asia pulled Lucas rather slowly. I didn't know anyone there, so I decided to join Lucas and Asia, as another kid followed me in the boat. 

I watched Asia shiver, as I just slightly smiled. We finally reached the castle, as Hagrid knocked. 

"First years? Please wait here," said the Prof. McGonagal. She led us all to a chamber in the castle that lead us to the Great Hall

I watched Lucas let go of Asia's hand, as I just walked away and moved into the crowd. 

I heard some kids scream, as I looked to see ghosts. "What a sight!" I said, catching the attention of one ghost. He was the Bloody Baron. "So, who are you? You seem much like a boy I once met...Malfoy? Draco Malfoy was his name." I paused, as I didn't like to talk about my father. "I'm his son," I responded quietly. "You look much like him," I then decided to change the topic, "So, what makes a good Slytherin?" I asked. "That's easy, pride," he responded. I thought for a slight moment.

"Really?" I said. "Yes," He responded back, chuckling a little. "I've got loads of that!" I said, making him laugh a little more. "What's so funny?" I asked, overly offended.

"Nothing, son," I grinned, son? "Don't call me that," I said, walking away as I heard someone yell, "It's time!" "Good luck, kid!" said the ghost, as I backed away.

We all went in the Great Hall, waiting for our names to be called upon. "Abernathy-Lovegood, Asia!" I heard, as I watched Asia let go of Lucas's hand, beckoning me. "You need to help Lucas, you know," I did hear her loud and clear. 

Once she marched over to the sorting hat. It covered her eyes, making me laugh a little. "Asia..." The hat said. I wasn't listening to anything else, just in my own mind, imagining being sorted into Slytherin. 

"RAVENCLAW!" Was yelled, and the Ravenclaw table clapped. I was so excited to be next, but then Lucas was called.

he hat though a moment, making me scared of myself and Lucas, but a word "SLYTHERIN" was yelled, and I helped Lucas down once I got up.

The sorting hat seconds later sorted me into Slytherin. Finally, here was a feast.

"Having new students are exciting, and thank you all for choosing Hogwarts as your school!" Prof. McGonagal ended her speech.



A/N: So, this is like, sorry for any grammar mistakes. I hope you like this chapter, and this took 2 hours to write, and I was writing without even taking a break! Thanks for reading, and please comment/answer!

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Thanks! What's your favorite chp?
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I love this, good job! Looks like Tom is weirded out by Asia... I will probably let her warm up to Tom sometime. LOL! Will write the next chapter tomorrow!
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Thanks! Lol, "a harry man"! Get it?
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This took me 2 hours??? *laughs* I took me 30 minutes to write something twice as long as this. i guess that's what practice has done to me.
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