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Chelsea Bixby- The Unheard of Case

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asked Aug 20, 2016 in Fiction by jazzlinny (38,120 points)
edited Aug 20, 2016 by jazzlinny

Chelsea Bixby-

                                                   The Unheard of case

Chapter 1-

Chelsea sat at her bedroom floor staring at photos of her friend, Maggy Lin. A single tear went down her face as a flashback took place.

        “LOOK OUT!
Vroom vroom vroom



A lone figure, dead, on the street.

Many noises.

A knock at the door.


Chelsea looked up and saw her mother, a comforting figure, standing there.

‘Chelsea, I know it’s hard, but she’s gone.”

Chelsea looked at her mother with longing eyes.

“I want to bring her back.” She whispered

“I know….” Chelsea’s mom sat next to Chelsea, “but some things you just can’t fix. You can’t rewrite time, Chelsea.”

Chelsea felt her eyes start to water.


“Yes, Chelsea?”

“Can we go to her grave tomorrow?” Chelsea struggled to say grave.

“Of course.” Chelsea’s mom stood up, “Now Chelsea, no more moping. Time for dinner.”

Chelsea reluctantly stood up and dragged her feet down the stairs to dinner.




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answered Aug 20, 2016 by -GEMHeart- (277,280 points)
selected Aug 20, 2016 by jazzlinny
Best answer
I love the quote "but some things you just can't fix. You can't rewrite time." I have a feeling that's what Chelsea is gonna do.
commented Aug 23, 2016 by rae (86,850 points)
Me too.

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