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Please help!

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asked Mar 9, 2017 in Personal by GrevyZebras684 (610 points)
So my two friends keep "fighting" over who gets to play with me at recces. They are both good friends and I just can't decide!
commented Apr 6, 2018 by fancyunicornrainbow (320 points)
Set a schedule that works for all of you and teach them to be more mature

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answered Mar 9, 2017 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,560 points)
selected Mar 10, 2017 by GrevyZebras684
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The same thing's happened over me in 1st grade! Here's my advice, deal it out, and play with both of them at the same time. If they don't agree, claim that you won't play with either of them until they agree you and the two friends should play together. Friends shouldn't fight over other friends like tug-of-war, they should share them. That's how me and my two other best friends are still friends to this day. :)

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