Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 26: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 26

It follows you, you don't follow it.

I glared at Lucas. Asia had a plan for saving Caim from Azkaban. Lucas felt jealous all over again with the Caim thing. Why would Asia spend that much affection to getting Caim out of Azkaban?

Though, I didn't really care.

My idea was to help Asia get him out of Azkaban. They were friends, and I know what it's like to lose a friend.

Asia continued her plan. I didn't know when we would carry out this plan though, it was all messed up to me, though I wanted to help him.

"Well, see you two late, I have to go." Asia headed out of the small room we were in to attend her practice.

Then, it was just the two of us, Lucas and me. Lucas was on the side of his bed thinking.

I then heard something pecking at the window sill.

I looked over to see what it was. Beholding, I saw Alabaster with a letter tide around his beak.

I let Alabaster in. I took the letter, observing the handwriting ad silver lining on the paper.


Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire

Dear Tom & Lucas Malfoy,

In three weeks, I would deeply appreciate it if you would assist yourself to meet my brilliant son; Scorpius Malfoy. Of course, with your mother's permission, I'm sure we would have a wonderful evening in the Malfoy manor, Wiltshire. You may bring whoever you'd like.


Your Father; Draco Malfoy


I almost tore the paper in utter excitement. It was in three weeks, we'd have plenty of time to free Caim.

I then reread the letter out loud for Lucas to hear.

Lucas unenthusiastically sighed. "You know he doesn't really want us to be there." Lucas went up on his bed.

"Why would you say so?" I asked, my enthusiasm coming to a downfall.

"You remember last time, he never wants us." Lucas said, holding on to his own hand.

"Your wrong." I silently said. Lucas was always the positive one, but when it came to our father, he speaks his feelings.

"We all breath the truth, some of us just accept lies, that's what he is." Lucas covered his face with his hand.

"Truth is a lie; if we breath the truth, then we breath lies." I heave a sigh, sitting in a black chair near my bed.

"Then how is one to know one truth out of a million lies Tom?" Lucas seemed like he didn't want to go. I sat in the chair that I pulled closer to the wall.

"Look Lucas were going with him whatever you think. I want to see him, don't ruin this for me." I spat.

"I'm not ruining it, once you get there it'll be ruined Tom!" Lucas continued the argument. I took the letter from my wardrobe that I had positioned it on.

"Whatever were going to have our mind set on getting Caim out anyways." I looked at Lucas in an ‘apologizing face'.

"Your right." Lucas went over to hug me. "I'm sorry," I said.

That was just one of our little arguments.

"Are you scared of the dementors?" I asked, laughing. "No! Of course not!" Lucas said. I could tell he was lying.

"We better get Asia," Lucas said, getting away from the topic. "Agreed." I flickered a bit of happiness to the two of us again.


We both walked out of the wooden, brown door.

The halls were silent, which wasn't usual. We walked over to one room, where Asia was staying.

Me and Lucas knocked on the door intensely. "Who is it?" we heard Asia ask from the other side of the door.

"It's Lucas and Tom!" I responded.

"Okay! Coming!" Asia let us in. I smiled at her hugely, but Lucas did it even supplementary, which seemed unbearable.

"So, when are we going to go through with this plan?" I asked. "A soon as we can," she answered. "When the dementors aren't watching, r-right?" Lucas asked nervously.

"You wish." I laughed, Asia following along with my laugh.

A/N: Thanks for reading! Sorry if it's short!
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Here I go! I'll write 27 soon, sometime today. You did great!
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