Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 38: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 38

Flow your own way, your river might run dry soon.

It had been a few months since the Death eater incident.


I had grown closer to Willow, and it seemed as the months flew by, we had grown closer and closer. On the other hand, Lucas and Asia have also grown closer too. Lucas had drifted apart from me, we weren't who we were before.

As I grow older, I realize that life isn't always about running from others, it's more of finding them, finding your path in their suffering to make your own river to drown in.

I was in my room, as Hazyl and Willow were thinking of our next safe house.

I missed a lot of people. I missed Ace, I missed his teasing. He's the reason I grew stronger. I missed Mid, believe or not. And I missed Llyr, more of a believe it or now. I missed mother, I missed my hate for my father; I missed when my mother would hold my hand whilst telling me everything was okay.

In a while, I hadn't gone outside, but this time I did. Looking outside, it was a wonderful Spring day. Bird's tweeted and some crowed, but they all were sounds of delight. There were flowers, it was so daydreamy.

Lucas with a smile followed along, and so did Asia.

Asia held Lucas's hand loosely. "So, Tom, what do you think?" asked Asia.

"He wants to kill me, Lucas and many others, and we just run? Seems cowardly."

"Tom were not strong enough to go against him, you know that." Lucas said careless.

"I'm sure were not, considering I can do some dark magic and Asia can too. It seems like you're just speaking for yourself." I meanly said.

"Stop it Tom, you know that's not true." Asia spat.

"Yeah? Cause it is." This was the one time in many months we've fought. Which was strange, because as a twin, I know twins fight a lot.

Asia's hair had gotten in the way of her eyes, causing her to constantly move it over to the side. Lucas didn't want to start a fight, so he just calmly picked a flower from the grass. I didn't want to go too shallow, but I had a few remarks for Lucas.

"Just forget about it, it's not eve a big deal." Asia said as she rolled her eyes me.

"I'm just homesick," I quietly said.

"Me too," Asia sighed as we both headed back inside before it had gotten dark.

I saw Willow spark a smile for a little.

"Willow, Hazyl, when will we ever be able to leave India? It's getting insipid here." I said. I wasn't wrong, I wanted to spend my birthday elsewhere; like with my Mum, who hasn't seen me in what felt like a year.

"Fine, were thinking of plans to do so. Plus, I'm pretty sure Handison is going to strike anytime now. He's just trying to make us comfortable." Willow looked at a small map.

"Okay, but better be soon," I said, heading over to Lucas.

"So," Lucas whispered, "have you been catching any feelings?"

"I'll figure it out in my own time," I hesitated to tell him anything.


After a few days, nothing had been going on. But, we were finally going to leave the India safe house for our next adventure, and hopefully a better one.


Okay, so I hope you liked this chapter!

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I like the chapter!
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Thanks you!
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Love it!

Will follow up on Monday!
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Okay! Thx!

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