Silens I ("The Silents Trio") Chapter 2: Book 2

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Silens I Chapter 2: Book 2

There was humming in the background, a peculiar feeling hit my head like a light bolt of fire. Running from those that seek me, voices can be heard from each corner. Pain runs too, it runs to the weaker, the ones that have already been wounded.

I'm fourteen years old, in love with magical creatures and wanting to learn more about the unknown of the magical world. I'm a Slytherin and goes to Hogwarts.

I've lately been studying rather often on  Norwegian Rideback, which is a dragon that's native homeland is in Northern mountains. And of course, many other dragon species.

I had many plans that would be excused for educational purposes, which means I had a trip to go and find magical creatures, or beasts. I would be interested in going in the Forbidden woods to study and find a unicorn.

From all the thoughts I had while in Potions, I barely paid attention. It wasn't like me to pay attention anyway. I was always caught staring at the walls, drifting away in my thoughts.

"Mr. Malfoy, may I grab your attention?" asked Prof. Flitwick entering the room with a small grin on his face. "Of course," I responded back, getting up from my wooden chair. I looked around the room, Lucas looking at me for a second before writing down notes.

His handwriting got better, even though his letters are still everywhere. When in class, the teacher had to explain everything to Lucas, which seemed it frustrated him.

I was pulled out of the classroom by Flitwick. He sighed, holding papers in his hands, which were my final graded. "Your grades have lowered this semester. If you don't get them higher anytime this Winter, we'll have to pull you out of all your advanced classes, not including Care of Magical Creatures."

I looked down at my shoes, only allowing myself to whisper, "Yes, sir." "I mean it, don't take this as a joke. Your mother already knows. If you don't get these grades up, then you won't be allowed to take your trip." Prof. Flitwick sighed once more before walking away.

My head was down, looking at the cold ground. My life crumbled I that moment, my Mum wants me to have high grades. She wants me only to have A's. I was a role model for Lucas, now someone to pity.

I then heard loud foot steps on the Hogwarts floor. "Tom you come here right now!" I looked up to see Llyr, which her yell almost broke my ears. She held her wand tightly in her hands, it seeming like it slightly cracking.

 "I'm done- do you hear me?!" She yelled once more, leaving me in silence.

"I can't handle you and your grades! This is just horrible! And you know what, I won't!" I looked around the halls for no reason, making her annoyed.

 "Well, I don't even want a lonely 40 year old to take care of me anyways. You can bring your pity party somewhere else," the words slipped out of my mouth.

Llyr held her wand in her hand tightly, about to cast a spell. "Hey, Tom!" laughed Ace.

That was the last laugh he ever laughed.

Everything when in slow motion. I couldn't hear anything but a loud boom. Ace flew to the ground, Llyr in shock of what she done. The both of us stood there helpless before I ran to help him. I could tell Ace struggled to breath.

 He laid on the floor for a few seconds, Llyr standing in there in pure horror. The look on her face never left my mind since that day.

 Ace was never a true friend to me, never someone I deeply cared for, but at the sight and thought of death I whimper in pain.

I looked at Ace, his eyes wide open. He didn't blink. I knew it was all over. His life. He stopped breathing, students walking away from the scene. I had a few tears ran down from my pale face. 

Llyr knew she could get into Azkaban for murder, after all. It was only a matter of tie before she get's sent away to Azkaban, which should certainly terrify her.

The explosion caused students and teachers panic and run to the scene, only me and a dead body in a destroyed hall way. A teacher had ran over to me, looking at me in pure terror. I didn't understand what her shocked face meant.

The woman was tall with brown hair and eyes, her eyes red from tears. From the looks of it, it seemed the teacher was a relative of Ace. I wiped away my own tears.

"He's dead." She said while crying her eyes out. She pushed me from the body, students yelling at me, "Murderer!"

I had just had a fight a day after Ace's death. The word had barely gotten around the castle. I stood there after my fight with Asia, thinking of the curse. My Step mum had recently died of the curse, she was in her thirties, around Llyr's age.

Lucas seemed so warm and friendly, it annoyed me. I wanted to scream. It was only in her thirties she would die. I wanted to correct her, but death is death. Everyone dies eventually.

It really did hurt me on how Llyr was 'fine' afterwards, like it was nothing. I guess if someone is nothing to you, their death is nothing to you.

It would've been awhile until Ace's death would be announced, of course until Ace's parents were ready to let the public know. I just new the Daily Prophet would be going insane about the incidence, they always seem to catch the most private news.

I walked off to my dorm, which seemed empty without Ace. Ace's stuff was taken away, at least most of it. Lucas sat on his bed, smiling at me. "You know, Asia does care about you, just in an odd way."

I smiled back at him, even though I struggled to a little. A friend of mine just died, how could I let it go? I remembered Asia's words from earlier about friendship, you never know when it's going to be gone.

Lucas tucked himself in his bed. "Can you read me a story?" asked Lucas, his sweet voice filled my heart with warmth. He seemed like a little brother to me, even if we were the same age.

It was hard to believe Lucas was fourteen, he acted like a helpless toddler. I sighed, walking over to his bed with a book of mine. I read it slowly for him to understand what I was saying.

After I was done reading the book, Lucas was already asleep. I smiled at him, forgetting about the recent death, or deaths. I then crawled over to my bed, then going to sleep, await for the next day.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter! In a few chapters will be when Tom gets his scar, when he goes on his trip! And Gem's back, so hopefully she will write sooner! And also, sorry if Ace's death is not suppose to be there, but I needed to add that in because of the time. I hope it seems fine! But, I don't want to rush things are make trauma to soon in the second book, but I was more of planning this for awhile. 

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Hey! This was great! ;) Poor Acey. I was starting to like him but oh well. I will follow it up today if I can!
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Haha thanks!

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