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I noticed that people have not been posting (myself included) to the magazine. Ley's get things started up again :)
asked Jun 30 in Drafts by Kitten (285,750 points)

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Hmmm... I could do illos! Like digital pictures, like for the Jokes cover, as a header. That way I can still help out with drawing! :)
answered Jul 3 by -GEMHeart- (249,840 points)
selected Jul 6 by Kitten
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Yes, but my role isn't fixed yet.
answered Jul 1 by JD2005
We did not find somthing for you?
You suggested me to write an article. I wanted to collect jokes, but Nathan declined. So, what to do now?
Well... Nathan asked Raven About the jokes and she said yes. I bet we can find somthing for you. Ask Raven. You could do comics. Gem backed out of the comic idea. Or you could do something else. Just an idea for you :)

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