The crying stone chapter one

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asked Oct 14, 2020 in Fanfiction by Bella
I was  walking to school when a boy snatched my papers I know this guy!I I thought to to myself HAHA CRYBABY he said loudly I ran away and bolted into my dorm without one paper the weird one it had symbols and made glitch noises  I heard a weird teleporting noise behind me and felt a bone hand tap me I thought meh just a prank guess it was class time luckily it was Mrs march SHE IS SO NICE! For a second I looked at the door I saw two odd skeletons outside one had a little bottle of ketchup the other had a little blue bone club thing I remembered them from a game I thought could it be t them? Class was over so I ran outside I saw them again this time there was a girl or so I think holding a book she had short Brown hair and a green and yellow jumper c chara I said I felt the same hand tap me all the time I turned around NOTHING?  I saw a paper being put up by  the skeleton I said  hi he responded I said what's that he said oh that's just the crying stone it restores nega tale a different timeline anyway it's bone so long amigo! SANS i heard it was him I thought to myself chapter two a spooky surprise

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