Rise of the Wolves Chapter 9

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asked Jan 18, 2019 in Other by Overcomer of Dark (8,130 points)

Time Skip to a few hours later.

   Luna was wrestling playfully with a couple of the fox pups when Mother fox sent them to sleep. Mother fox seemed worried about something, but Luna couldn't tell what, so she lied down with the fox pups and closed her eyes. A little bit later, a fox pup (female) that seemed older than the other fox pups ran to the rest and lied next to Luna. The fox pup looked curiously at Luna for a minute, sniffed Luna a bit, then set it's head on the grass and fell asleep.

Time Skip to the next morning.

    Luna opened her eyes (still half asleep). She got up. A couple fox pups that were playing last night tried to tackle Luna but she shook them off. The older fox pup from last night came over to Luna, in the morning light Luna could make out some darker patterns on the fox's fur that the rest of the foxes didn't have. Luna sniffed the older fox pup a little. "Who are you?" the older fox pup said to Luna, as the older fox did not know what was going on before nightfall of the last night. "I'm Luna" said Luna. "You are a wolf" the older fox pup stated a little confused. "I'm aware" Luna said with a bit of a sassy tone.

Sorry this is a short one, I'm having writers block a bit so I don't know what to write. Some ideas are always welcome, and right now ideas are needed.

commented Aug 20, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (313,130 points)
Ooooooo This is really good. I love that there are foxes in the story as well.

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