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asked Jun 6 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
Heyo, Y’all!

It’s me, Lemony! And today I just wanted to talk about my aesthetic and ask about yours!

My aesthetic is mostly common, but sort of an odd mix. I have a mostly VSCO aesthetic, but then I also love, like, a Simply Southern, rustic white wood and flowers sorta thing. And then also, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE like, pastel-colors and Japanese things, like Sumikko Gurashi, Totoro, Fuzzy Peach Studios, and Purritos/Anirollz. It’s a funny blend of things but I guess it’s what makes me me!

PS- yes, I know VSCO’s are considered “weird” by some. I just want y’all to know that I was like this before the trend, have had a hydro flask since 2nd grade, wear crocs/oversized t shirts a lot, and have always been that “save the turtles” girl. I even have a short paper on saving the turtles from like first grade. I’m not VSCO for the popularity!!!!!!!

What are y’all’s aesthetics? You can put pictures or just kinda describe it like I did. Can’t wait for your responses!

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answered Jun 24 by Nyan_pug
I'm sorta VSCO too. My everyday out fit is an oversized sweatshirt or a crop top. (Not an oversized crop top. That's basically a t shirt XD), Jean shorts, and Adidas sneakers.  I'm an "adopt don't shop" girl. Heck, even on animal jam I have a masterpiece with that message.
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answered Jun 11 by Kat
I like to go skskskskkssksksksksksk and I oop I like simply southern to
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answered Jun 11 by ausgirl0302s (1,250 points)

Mine is like super minimalist with butterflies, flowers and other stuff like that. kuakuayu HJN Become The Change Women's Butterfly Print T Shirt ...Transparent Aesthetic Shirts Png , Free Transparent Clipart ...(Just satin this says "sounds gay, I'm in. So not being rude to any of yall)

commented Jun 11 by human
Haha I want that second T-shirt so bad! Where did you get it?
commented Jun 25 by ausgirl0302s
My friend gave it to me. Gotta love him.
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answered Jun 9 by human
I have the tomboy femme bisexual aesthetic. I have a tough goth side and a girly vintage side as well. It’s very mixed (although I cuff my jeans and wear converse so that makes one thing clearer XD)
commented Jun 9 by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
That sounds cool, and also XD
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answered Jun 6 by im kanye (370,470 points)
I don't have a common one sadly.
commented Jun 6 by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
doesn’t have to be common! What’s it sort of like?
commented Jun 8 by im kanye (370,470 points)
it's kinda scattered, but it's like more of a opposite cali gorl aesthetic.
commented Jun 8 by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
ah, cool!
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answered Jun 6 by Queeny (123,660 points)
Idk, I like the older Victorian painting aesthetic, along with some traditional Japanese and Chinese colors and paintings.
commented Jun 6 by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
oooo, that sounds cool

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