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Heyo Y’all! 

Me here, Lemony! 

Recently a lot of people have been asking how I got so famous here on KS, and honestly I never even thought I was! I try to help out in every way I can, and hope that I can be a good contributor here, my advice column is always open to those who need it! Some people have been asking me for tips about their names, I say name yourself after something you love! My original name, Coffee Cake, was named after one of my favorite deserts, and Lemony The Bean is after my fursona, Lemony! For y’all new people who don’t know me so well-

I’m almost 13

I love swimming, running track, and volleyball

I have light skin and medium brown hair that goes down to my armpits and is kind of wavy

My favorite foods are crab wontons, cremax wafers, Nilla wafers, sushi, Garden salsa sunchips, and many others!

My hobbies are learning about dogs, interior design, baking, sewing, drawing, fursuit making, and posting here on KS!

Some things I don’t like- Furry haters, cherry tomatoes, basketball, and pop-tarts

Things I like- cute fursuits, inspiring people, the colors light yellow, light turquoise, and light coral!

Other fun facts- I have ADHD, Emetophobia, possibly some anxiety, and a not so great body image, and I live in Texas!

 I know this post has been long, so if you read the whole thing- Here! Have a hug, and a cookie! cookie

I’m going to end with a question- what are y’all’s favorite things about me, and what do you think makes me “popular”?

commented Jul 23 by angrykarenbutalsoabrianaatthesametimewoa

I is sed

u made me sadddd




did I sepll that right-


okie buhbye
commented Jul 23 by Lemony The Bean (114,310 points)
I only don’t like them because they make me feel weird- and also why eat pop tarts when I could be eating RAW EGGO WAFFLES or FROGS DROWNED IN TOMATO SOUP

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answered Jul 29 by CoralSophie08 (21,980 points)
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Thanks for the coooookiiieeee! And I like you bc you are awesome and kind and smart and one of the most caring people I have ever known!
commented Jul 29 by Lemony The Bean (114,310 points)
Omg I almost cried! That’s so sweet and I’m so glad you feel that way about me! You made my day :D I’m so glad to be able to call you a friend!
commented Aug 3 by kitten (643,370 points)
She deserves best answer
commented Aug 3 by Lemony The Bean (114,310 points)
yes she does! Just gave it to her :)
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answered Jul 21 by kitten (643,370 points)

I guess you're pretty popular here (more popular than me lol) and thanks for the cookie!cookie

commented Jul 22 by Lemony The Bean (114,310 points)
awe, I think you’re pretty popular too! I mean, you’re number 1 on the leaderboard! Also you’re welcome for the cookie ;)
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answered Jul 19 by knight is dead
thanks for the cookie!
commented Jul 20 by Lemony The Bean (114,310 points)

They’re fresh baked ;)


commented Aug 3 by kitten (643,370 points)

Lol a-=D

commented 5 days ago by magicharrypottergal (680 points)
Hi I'm  Selling food!

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