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asked Oct 13 in Shower Thoughts by Yayday
Do you ever wonder if we are alone…I know it sounds crazy but I am curious if aliens are out there I don’t think they  are real I just want know I hope I don’t sound too crazy Y^Y
commented Oct 15 by anonymous
no one belevs me when i say alien r real

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answered 2 days ago by Reap_soulz
They so are
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answered Oct 15 by l0st s0uth (3,770 points)
I used to believe in it, but I don't believe in it anymore. Even though it seems we are alone, there is a purpose for every life, a mass purpose. So, if God was to create more conscious life, what would be their great purpose as us? It wouldn't make sense. A personal creator cannot dare to make another "great purpose" within another.
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answered Oct 15 by kitten (639,330 points)
Why did you use #KidztalkPointsDay2020 ?

Improper use if tags makes the platform unorganized and its frustrating to other users.
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answered Oct 14 by ❤️
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Actually it’s unlikely we are alone in this HUGE universe. But, they aren’t yet on earth. You can go to this link and click on Animals (tried Aleins but wouldn’t work) if you want more info.
Whoops! Didn’t work I guess! Here this is a different link but it’s funny!

Also to any of you JUST now looking at it ignore my sorry’s!

commented Oct 14 by Yayday
I do also can you type the link I would like to see it
commented Oct 19 by Unknown
I am a alien .
commented 2 days ago by Yayday
Well I seen that link before and it’s so funny

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