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I'm scared!

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asked May 22, 2019 in Technology by LunaLight (88,180 points)
So, my computer just said something about someone try to hack my computer, saying someone was trying to access it or something but that they were blocked by a firewall and it came up in a new tab with a red page asking what to do, i just closed the tab, everything slowed down on my computer for a minute but it's better now, I'm really scared guys. I wasn't on any new websites or anything that could've had a virus or been unsafe, I was just on my school, KN and PaigeeWorld, so I don't know what happened, but I'm really scared,

4 Answers

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answered May 22, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (276,910 points)
Ask your 'rents!!!
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answered May 22, 2019 by NATHAN (63,100 points)
Show your school admin about it and change age your passwords on stuff you use
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answered May 22, 2019 by -Moonlight- (60,090 points)
Tell your parents. After that ask them if they could find a computer protector. (I recommend Avast Anti-Virus. You have to pay for it, but its pretty cheap, and works well.)
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answered May 22, 2019 by OpalGemStar (55,390 points)
1. It could’ve been a scam.

2. It could have been a computer error.

3. It could be true, so tell a teacher or adult.

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