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asked May 26, 2020 in Girls' Advice Column by ausgirl0302s (1,890 points)
I am writing AGAIN for another ANOTHER problem. So. I like this guy and I'm gonna call him Guy1. He's super funny, sweet, and pretty good looking. I had a crush on him for at least two months. Then I got told by his best friend that he liked me. But nothing ever happened and heaps of girls started to like him so I kinda started to give up. And then for like two days, I started to have a crush on a different guy called Guy2. He was super sweet and shy and we had been good friends since I came back to school. BUT as soon as I started liking this other guy, my best friend messaged me and told me she had a crush on Guy1 and asked if it was ok that she liked him. I'm not sure what to do because deep down I still have a HUGE crush on Guy1 but I want to get over him. But I don't want my bestie to have him because that would kill me.

(Oh, and did I mention that I think BOTH the guys like me, cause I catch them staring at me)

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answered May 28, 2020 by Hermionepuppy (5,860 points)
okay you have a big problem and here's what you do...

So your friend likes the same guy as you I have the same problem,now you can let her like him,but, nothing is going to stop her either way.  So you can't change her mind unless you put a new boy in front of her and hope it works.  a lot of people have to make hard choices but you have to be willing to take the consequence. now I'm going to ask you this,  if he likes you that's good.  BUt does he act like he likes your best friend if so not your guy if not good for you.!!

And remember don't let this tear apart your friend ship with her or you will not be happy.And whenever your lost know love is the brightest light in the darkness of hate.

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