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asked Sep 29, 2016 in Girls' Advice Column by rae (86,770 points)
  • she says she would like to be a part of the group. when will we be open for new entries? because so far, we've only got gp, lou lou, me, lightbulb (whom we havent seen in like a year), blossom364, cindy, and possibly gemheart.             


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answered Sep 29, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (115,740 points)
selected Sep 30, 2016 by rae
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I'm in the GAC
commented Sep 30, 2016 by rae (86,770 points)
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answered Oct 18, 2016 by anonymous
commented Mar 19, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (276,330 points)

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When will KS BGs be available for mobile?

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Cyber bullies are everywhere, and let me just tell you guys something real quick--there's always going to be somebody who's jealous of you, and sometimes they act ... intended} and a little bit of music can enlighten even the darkest of souls ~reagan

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Hey Kidzsearcherz! You may already know that Gymnast Power is holding the Girl's Advice Column and Newspaper election! I am running for Vice President, and here are a few reasons why! ... ------------------- Vote for AbsoluteOwl- The Wise Owl Knows

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Can I have an advice column? I want to call it "Ask Luna, Anything!".

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Can I join the Girls Advice Column thanks!

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Hi, i got an advice column!!!! I am very happy to help everyone. Please tell me your problems and i promise to respond in 24 hours. I am really good at helping ... you have any. Thanks, The Nerd Who Sings P.S. I will post advice every weekend.

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120,000 POINTS YAY

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Cant wait to see you at school. Also for everyone in the panther blog. Does anyone have a sister who is really annoying? Answer question down below. It could be a brother too.

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This is the news i fond out. There was this girl who choked on a quarter doing a magic trick. There was a celeb who lost her dog. She was way to emotional.

asked Apr 19, 2017 in News & Politics by Dolphins are so cute
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​Suzie Sunday or Cupcake Queen Please vote in the comments below :-)

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​Poppy corn or Cheeky chocolate Vote In The Comments Bellow!

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​​Kooky cookie or Apple blossom

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I think it'll be named The Boy and His Dog Against The Wild. Do you think that's a good name?

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I'm glad to find out that you're ok and I got a notification from Edmodo on email. I have been meaning to ask u for the code because I got logged out.

asked Jan 12, 2017 in Today I Learned... by rae (86,770 points)
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THE GOLDEN COLLAR: By: Rae (reagan aka) ----------------------- Hold your breath for five minutes and try not to explode. That's the pain that I feel ... we return to her; the golden collar. THANKS FOR READING AND SORRY IF THIS IS MORE THAN ASKED!!

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Ever After High has Season 5 in Netflix and i watched the whole thing last night. not givung any spoilers but 1. i loved when they traveled fo their own fairytales in the castle. thats it. :)

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Sorry I haven't been on Kidz Talk for a long time...... it's because I went on a cruise.

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Do you like Ethangamertv? Well, lets start talking about it!

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Can't get a summary together Can't do 2 books at once sorry!

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Not enough voting is going on in these debates and without lots of votes. these debates will be more boring. Sorry shopkin lovers!

asked Apr 27, 2016 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,500 points)

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