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LIKE A STRING OF HOPE—why was hope indeed such an alarming thing? Did it ponder its thoughts much like the boy did, his lips blood drained and his eyes like the moon, pale crescents in each one that had ever so much light reflecting on each glaring, sinister eye.

And yet, was he forbidden to feel what was supposed to? He was alone, all this long, deliberates in a elevator that had sung music of what seemed to be every so fake—like a sirens wails, a sirens wails for feeling—sad, lost and almost pale, sickly pale for losing hope in the sea. Screaming for someone, beauty defined by the portion of eyes and ears, never the soul in which carries on the weight of ever so many.

The elevators cold alarm. The alarming sound of the floor reaching up to another, and blond locks of hair, blond to white. Blond to a yellow to bleached, bleached contrast with the black suit and suit that was ever so silent. Silent and yet loud. Sad and yet forbidden.

Tears? Tears were a man’s enemy, a seed-like substance that was like rain poured down a soft put tiresome face. Pale, tiresome face that hade purple spots under the eyes that were like a peering diamond. Diamonds? Diamonds like a desire, an experiment, an animal helped into a room of bars and wires. The wires for puncturing the skin of the animal, the fur falls off and it is cold and revealed.

Hair wasn’t in its hopefully place—slicked back, not the way it was supposed to be, not the way that it was. Lips a light pink, chapped with a crimson metallic falling down the mouth, the taste of silver. But not gold. Gold was better then silver. Silver itself tasted like death—gold was a fortune, it was warm, it was beauty. And velvet, which had been the case that was clasped in the man’s hand, the man who was so still. Like a guard, guarding nothing but himself, and soaked in the pain of himself.

Charming man who was alone, had always been alone, tormented by its own thoughts. Almost like a pure ring in the back of his ear—pure. Not any static, not the sound echoing itself in his head, not a make-believe sound. Silent, but the ringing. And more buzzing.


Were here.




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answered Feb 14 by KITTEN (618,220 points)
Did you write this?
commented Feb 14 by im kanye (371,470 points)
Everything I post, I write.
commented Feb 15 by KITTEN (618,220 points)
you have great talent.
commented Feb 15 by im kanye (371,470 points)

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