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If you have a serious crush and you want to tell someone I'm the person to tell I never told a serious secret ever at least I think I haven't and no one knows who you are really.

commented Jan 15, 2019 in Personal
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Hello! You can request Fanfiction contests! I will of course decide which fan fiction you'd like to have on contest on, and take into consideration! Please enter!

commented Nov 2, 2018 in Luna Star's ff Contest
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I'm going to start learning when I am 16 (that's when I stop learning Spanish in high school), any tips?

answered Nov 1, 2018 in Foreign Languages
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"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

answered Nov 1, 2018 in General Blogs
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you gonna raise raise raise! higher up up up! UP UP UP! your flying highererer than a million skyeyeyeys! cause your invincable! and your the one above the rest! and your never gonna fall! your gonna rise! higher than a million skys!

answered Nov 1, 2018 in Other
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PART 2 OF OC QUESTIONS! 1. Say it's your OC's birthday: what type of party would s/he like the most and what type of party would s/he despise? 2. What is ... own OC and I will write Asia's questions soon! It should be approved shortly after this is!

commented Nov 1, 2018 in Books / General
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OC QUESTIONS PART 1 What is an OC? An OC, or original character, can be rather a fan-made character (i.e, a Harry Potter fan-character like Asia: she doesn't exist ... from), etc. Enjoy! I will answer the question in a different post with my 3 OCs.

commented Nov 1, 2018 in Books / General
2 answers 74 views I haven't shared any vids yet but I will try to soon!

answered Oct 27, 2018 in Videos
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I'm small but smart i find I come in houses.

commented Oct 19, 2018 in Challenge / Quizzes
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i made a new blog. i announcced it and every thing! (see Luna's Weekly Story Contest Blog) and 6 views! 1 nice person entered for next week. the person who came ... would partisapate didn't even enter! i am sorry i'm just really worked up right now!

commented Oct 18, 2018 in Luna's Weekly Story Contest Blog
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im a huge figure skater, and wondered if anyone else is

commented Oct 18, 2018 in Sports
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alright every week i will give you a theme you have to write a ONE PAGE story based on that theme comment me the title and on fridays i will announce the ... get ahead next weeks theme is: tintin. Btw next weeks theme was suggested by Tintin1956

commented Oct 18, 2018 in Writing Contests
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Write a poem or short story! Show your talent! Rules are: Must be your own work,If any form of plagarism is made,i will contact KS Anyone can join! No colored ... ( for members) And what you are planning on doing.If changes are made,contcypt me!

commented Oct 13, 2018 in Writing Contests
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so there is this person I have to tall to if I want to help with music in my Youth Group. I don't know what to say, I have to ask if I can sing-up ... should act funny in that email or serious??? please, any help or advice will be GREATLY appreciated

commented Oct 11, 2018 in Personal
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i found something to decode from last year people gave up on and forgot it so here try again:ptdbs tubnqz. or go here to see the original

commented Oct 11, 2018 in Other
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Everytime i get a crush my BFF ends up liking him too!!!!! Isnt that messed up!!!!! I dont know what to do!!!! Help!!!!!! And she doesnt like him until i like him..... ... him...... both of my friends like both of the boys i like!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

answered Oct 7, 2018 in Personal
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Hello! I have a crush that I really like, my friend already told her. *narrows eyes Anyways, I still get real squeamish around her, even though she already knows, ... really triggers me. One more thing. How do I get less triggerd and squeamish? Thx!

answered Oct 5, 2018 in Personal
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my mom let me have my account YAY

commented Oct 5, 2018 in Personal
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Hey I just joined and I Love cats and dogs you can find my username on kidznet it's Ilovecats10676 I hope you enjoy my posts! Also leave in the comments what I should post because I have absolutely have no idea!

commented Oct 5, 2018 in All Advisors
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There is this boy in my class that always ask me if you need anything ask me! He also show me everything (I am new). I don’t even like him! He also sits next to me in almost every class.

answered Oct 4, 2018 in Personal
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Which would you rather have? A-Cake B-Ice cream C-Pie D-Pi Which would you rather do with homework? A-Skip it B-Feed it to your dog C-Do it reluctantly D-Ask ... 've never met a bigger genius. Put your score in the answer section! Hope you had fun!

answered Oct 4, 2018 in Challenge / Quizzes
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my favorite is The Adventures of TinTin by Herge

asked Oct 3, 2018 in Personal
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Would you rather.. .... Have chocolate rivers exist in the W o r l d or Cotton Candy trees? Would you rather.... .....Have flying powers or running powers? ... I really don't care what your answers are but, I hope you had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

answered Oct 3, 2018 in Fun Stuff
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I feel SO embarrassed because at school we have to wear uniforms and the girls wear DRESSES!!Please help me and fast!!Please only suggest safe and easy ways that my parents won't get suspicious about.!!Thanks!!

answered Oct 2, 2018 in Health & Fitness

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