The Void . . . Prologue

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pain isn't a void. depression is.

Look around you. In every corner, there is always someone crying into the pits of what we call the world. And yet they ignore, they run like ants to rebuild their culture while leaving those in pain. And pain isn't a perfect description. 

It's a void we get thrown into one by one. It's like a picture painted red to be painted white, so we can start over again and forget those we lost. It's like dying and forgetting those you've left behind.

 Like sinning in front of God with a glass frame dividing the both of you. It's standing in a pool of your own tears and hoping you don't drown in it. Just inhale the water. Maybe you'll stop feeling numb. And when your lungs overflow, the only thing you can feel is the tears running down your cheek until you feel nothing again. Just inhale. Just breathe a little longer. Just let those run from you. 


And she was running in the woods, hands-on her head as everything felt awful. Just awful. Like a ringing in her ears because of the silence. It didn't stop for days; it was only now she had grown tired of it. I will forever be a Gen y. I will forever be a person who can't figure out which one is a child in a maze of adults. And the second of the numbness. The second of the narcissistic, numb, ill characters. And it only did get worse, until we can fix it, open our eyes and glare into the same void. Maybe then we'll see the people screaming. 

and whatever i do to please myself, i feel nothing.






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That's super good! Can't wait for the whole book!
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