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Hey! Do you know any cool/weird/crazy facts about blue-tongued skinks? Any help is accepted, although my science report is due in a couple days. Thanks! wink_smile


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Except for the pygmy blue-tongued skink, most other skinks reach an overall length of about 45 cm.

The northern species are mainly recognized by their peachy orange or yellowish body.

The ideal temperature in captivity is about 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bluetongue skinks are likely to survive in mainland Australia. However, Tiliqua gigas is the only species that is primarily found on the islands of Indonesia and New Guinea.

Blue-tongued lizards remain active all day long and they have an omnivorous diet.

The pygmy blue-tongued is a ground predator of many arthropods. Skinks also feed on pinky mice, small earthworms, redworms, small crickets, Zoophoba larvae, and fuzzies.


Here are some facts I found about them on the internet! Hope this helped!

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I held one in a zoo before
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