Monster School- Chapter 5

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Very sorry for the delay, I've been very busy with school, chores, and lots of others. I am VERY VERY sorry. Please enjoy :)


Nora was completely beaming, she had recieved a gift from River. A unicorn hair sketchbook! She had also now knew that River was an artist. "Yay one more thing we have in common!" Nora had thought. "Hey! Nora! Over here!"  "Huh?" Nora said turning around. It was River. "Wanna visit our ranch after school? It's only a few blocks out of town..You could see our unicorns!" Asked River. "Sure why not! I'd never seen a unicorn...only when my lil' sister acts like one." Answered Nora. "Ok well I'm off to lunch. Bye!" Exclaimed River.

Nora waved goodbye and swiftly walked to the lunch cafeteria.

"Oh look! Miss dead soul!" said Amber Hano. The most POPULAR girl in the world. Every envies her. Her looks, her money, and her clothing. She made all the boys fall for her. Amber hano has more than 20 enemies...

Nora ignored her and continued walking towards the cafeteria line. 

"Aren't you going to answer? Or are you too scared?!"

"No, I'm not scared, but you should be." Nora said clenching fists.

"Me? Scared? Oh please." Amber said laughing.

Nora started walking towards her, with her fists still clenched. I'll show her. Thought Nora.

"Aw, she's gonna try do someth-" Said Amber.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT!" Nora exclaimed while slapping her.

Amber's face was vivid. She was not expecting her to slap her so hard.

"WHAA!!" Amber said walking away.


I guess I won't be going to the ranch today.... Thought Nora.


"Nora Hanataka." "You are going to be going to detention today until 7:00 PM today. Cuz you have physically assualted someone." Said Principal Leke

"I know I know..." Answered Nora.

"and you BETTER not be late! Do you understand?!"

"Yes Sir."

"You may now leave." Said the principal.


Nora walked out of the office and tried to find River.

"River!" Exclaimed Nora.

"Yes? Oh hi Nora!" "ready to go to the Ranch?" Asked River.

"Aboutt thaaatt...I wont be able to, I have detention until 7:00 PM today..." "But what about tommorow?" said Nora.

"Sure, but why are you detention?" Asked River.

"Oh well uhm, I slapped Amber. She got on my last nerves..." Nora told.

"Ohhhh, yeah i get it. Anyway see ya tommorow!" Exclaimed River

"Bye!!" Waved Nora

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"Amber Hano has more than 20 enemies"... I feel a Yandere Simulator murder fest coming on XD


Will write the next chapter now ;3
commented Apr 12, 2019 by -Moonlight- (65,430 points)
K thanks!

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