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I will be publishing my book elsewhere- where it'll get more recognization and a bigger platform. Once it is out, if you like to read it I will tell you where you can find it.

News 2, I will be writing many drabbles and short fanfiction stories on here; it will be very bad, I have a few ideas out and about already, but they are kind of comedy one-shots. Including Drapple fanfic (DracoXApple), and multiple others that I would recommend reading if you like stupid little things.

News 3, For Silens I, I will be writing that very soon, for a little I've just been developing my characters, so I'll get on that soon. And I very much would like to be calling it finished once we have an "end result", GemHeart! Can't wait!

News 4, I will always be writing another short little fantasy story: Hams And Knives Don't Work Well (HKWW). That will also be a comedy, sort of not suppose to be taken seriously! I want to have a fresh start of things, work on different genres. I have always been writing romance fanfics since a young age, so it feels nice to take a roll on something silly!

News 5, My new book (like I said, I would not be posting it on KS and instead of publishing it on a different platform), if you are interested in these genres: Fantasy, Romance and Thriller. Little less of romance but it's got some in there, I wouldn't really call it romance, the relationship...anways...

News 6, The books I've been reading: Game Of Thrones, if I'm being honest, I wasn't highly impressed with it, which was okay. I already watched the show, so I already got a lot of spoilers. After, which was turned into a Netflix original (it's free on Wattpad y'all, I don't pay for no books), yeah I definitely thought it was a cringe-worthy and overused book theme; basically good girl falls in love with bad boy whatnot. And don't forget it was a Harry Styles fanfic! Like really, you got to be a really bored 30 years old to make a 500 chapter book about a romance between Harry Styles and your OC....hardin was also really toxic too. But, that is just my opinion, so if you like it do you.

Next book I've been reading is "The Watsons go to Birmingham" which is a quite good book for kids, I suggest it. And I am also reading Dragonwings, and those are the two books that I have a paperback, the rest of those I read online...

Anyways, so I hope y'all enjoyed my book update, mine and what I'm reading currently. Have a great life! Peace!

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I will read nything abut DRAPPLE! LOL! It is the best! I will also read the rest! You are a good writer!
commented Sep 3, 2019 by toad aka star (343,250 points)
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Drapple? What's Draco gonna do with an apple?


Too bad, wanted to read your story!!! And sure, about Silens. I think we should end it with Asia dying, and then your last chapter is with just Tom and Lucas, or whoever is alive at that time. I think maybe ten more chapters should do it, so 5 each, or less if we decide to make longer chapters and sorta speed it along. I enjoyed writing it with ya!

500 chapters?!?!?! I don't think I've written that many chapters in my whole author career!!! (Maybe 200 or 300?) Yeah, the lady writing that must be like, "I have a lonely life. No romance, no love... SO. I'll make an OC and hook her up with Harry Styles!"

Anyway, nice updates!
commented Sep 4, 2019 by toad aka star (343,250 points)
lol! I know right? Also, she even said herself the OC in her book was a self-insert of herself! That lady is really lonely, honestly, I can relate lol. And thanks, I will write Silens I once I get school done!

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CHAPTERS & BOOKS SO FAR: SILENS I (BOOK 1: YEAR 1) Asia Abernathy-Lovegood, halfblood Luna Lovegood's adoptive daughter, and Tom & Lucas Malfoy, the children of pureblood ... as new books come out (new school years) I'll post them here as well.

asked Oct 22, 2018 in Books / General by -GEMHeart- (279,170 points)
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Silens I Chapter 22 Happiness isn't a regret, regret is a regret. A/N: Okay, so this is Tom's POV. Sorry if I messed up anything. Tom’s POV Iggy, a house ... I didn't mess anything up. I tried a lighter Calibri font so it wouldn't look bold.

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Sorry to any of you who have been reading it, but I will not be able to write any more as of now, because I am now co-authoring Lorekeeper with Cookie_Monster and Knoght Star. This does not mean I am quitting the book. again, sorry guys!

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Silens I Oh it hurts, please enjoy this last chapter as to me it is sad ): I could feel my tense self-fall into a retreat, my expression plain as a liquid filled and ... !!! AHHHH!!! this grammar is bad but my computer is slow so sorry for that too!

asked Sep 22, 2019 in Fanfiction by toad aka star (343,250 points)

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