Drapple Chapter 2

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Draco’s POV



Once me and apple, well I had yet a name to call her. It kept wandering my head, what to call her? She hadn’t given me a name, and apple seemed so common, and she was superior from the rest of those brute apples. She was unharmed, beautiful and projection to a light of every known man existence-

“Draco!! You’ve been staring at that very apple for a few hours now,” I heard Crabbe say, I looked at him with disappointment. “Your just jealous an apple like her doesn’t like you…” I muttered under my very breath, Crabbe rolled his eyes. “Draco, it’s only been a day and your very obsession with that apple is alarming.” I was lost, what did he say to me? Does he dare speak up to me? Questions filled my head.

“You are jEaLoUs!!!” I yelled the whole corridor could hear me. I could almost see the embarrassment in Crabbe’s face, as he looked at the snickering faces. It quite reminded of the scene that happened yesterday, when that trio dared to laugh at me. Horrible memories of a horrible time. I could only reminisce of the good times when I met apple! Hmm, I should call her Gracious. It fitted her soothing, wonderful tone of voice and…um, what? What did I think about? This is an APPLE!

“Draco…let’s go somewhere quiet, I need to talk to you about something…” I heard that same soothing, almost too familiar voice whisper from the green apple. I nodded my head, taking her in my cold hands to the Great Hall where hopefully there weren’t too many people there.

“What is it?” I whispered to her.

“It’s important…” she turned around, jumping to do so. There was a bight mark on her. My heart sank to my foot and I could feel a rock formation in my stomach. “You…CHEATED ON ME?” I yelled, barely being able to keep my tone.

“The first day and…who was it?” I was able to calm myself down to let her explain.

“It was that rat, oh that terrible rat.” She said. I could see tears form from her eyes.

“Don’t worry, no one can tear us apart!! I will find this rat, I will ban it from ever eating apples again!!!!” I could feel my body burn up with anger, my eyes closing to cool myself down. It’s okay, act normal. I kept telling myself that, but the urge to burst into rage or cry was clinging on to me, I couldn’t help myself but squeeze apple as she laid in my hand, or Gracious as I named her.

“Draco, what are you doing?!!” she yelled, I then realized what I was doing as a bruised formed near her stem. “I’m sorry!!” I let go of her, jumping backward in fear of what I’ve done.  


“Here, I’ll put you in my corridor…I need to go to charms in a little.” I said, trying to seem happy for my Apple. “Thank you…” she whispered in my ear. I had gone to my corridor, which was empty. I placed her on my nightstand and gave her some of my water. 




What a horrible class! I hate charms, I’d rather die than do another horrible class like that…but nor for my apple, that’s for sure. Hmm, I’m going to go sEe hEr!! YAY! “Apple?” I said, looking into my dorm room. I saw Blaise about to eat my apple. I could my soul go out of my body. “AHHHH!!! BLAISE WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!” I yelled, grabbing his hand causing him to drop apple.

“What in the merlin Draco? I’m just eating an apple. I’m sorry if you got so…” I stopped him, “NO!!! NOT JUST AND APPLE, MY APPLE!!!” he seemed shocked. I have no idea why. “Draco, you are MAD!” He yelled at me as he ran out of my dorm.

I then noticed Apple was bruised…oh no….

What will hapen next??? WHO KNOWS????

Disclaimer: This is just a joke book, don't take this seriously! LOL!

commented Sep 18, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (303,400 points)
Is there going to be another chapter? I LOVE IT!
commented Sep 18, 2019 by dragon knight (365,530 points)
Yes! I am going to make more soon, just got a lot of stuff LOL!!

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As LLM said, my ghost is writing.

Great job, haven’t laughed this hard in a while
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answered Sep 6, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (303,400 points)

My ghost is writing this because I died of laughter in the last chapter. Oh and BTW have you heard about the ship CHICKRON!!! Drapple is better but still.
commented Sep 6, 2019 by dragon knight (365,530 points)
Yes, but I have to say, Chickron is a pretty shipable ship. LOL!
commented Sep 7, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (303,400 points)
Yup! But Drapple is the all time best ship!

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