Astell chapter 7

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   Shadow reformed into a shadow and Astell walked by. Shadow crept out the door. "Why is Shadow afraid of Astell seeing him?" asked Luna. "Luna, it is time for me to tell you the whole entire story about Astell..." said Celestia.

   "A long time ago, Astell ran the every free forest, like you know. She started out an earth pony. Star-Swirled the Bearded wanted after the unicorn king had died, to make her an alicorn princess. She wanted to, and he gave her training as did he I and gave her a unicorn horn to train. But she grew selfish after getting her wings. She wanted more than the ever free forest. She lashed out after seeing he made me an alicorn too. She thought magic should no longer exist. She made her own magic, a very dark magic, and tried to destroy the elements of harmony. Star Swirled and I had to banish her into a tapestry."

   "Wait a minute, all the time since we were kids Shadow would look at a tapestry in the castle. Sometimes it would bring a tear to his eye. Shadow sneaked back in to the room and reformed solid. Both Celestia and Luna were shocked when they heard him say this: "Yes, I am a solid form of Astell's magic. She is my mother..."


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Good job Luna! I really like the story so far!
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answered Oct 23, 2018 by im kanye (374,140 points)
Great Luna!

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